See Josh Gad Reunite The Lord of the Rings Cast for One Zoom To Rule Them All

On his YouTube series Reunited Apart, Josh Gad brought together the cast of The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

By Derek Scancarelli May 31, 2020 6:57 PMTags
Elijah Wood, Josh Gad, Orlando BloomGetty Images

It was one zoom to rule them all when Josh Gad reunited the cast of The Lord of the Rings trilogy on his YouTube series Reunited Apart.

In the newest rendition of his hit reunion show, the Frozen star hosted a massive video chat with Sean Astin, Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Orlando Bloom, Sir Ian McKellan, Peter Jackson and more. This episode of the series, which has raised money for various charities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, is supporting the organization No Kid Hungry.

Gad, giddy to speak with the cast, gave The Lord of the Rings franchise quite the introduction.

"In December of 2001, this movie and the trilogy to follow would bring with them a level of excitement and anticipation not seen since the days of the Star Wars films," Gad geeked.

"It was a trilogy that would make mainstream words like hobbits, orcs, ringwraiths, elves, dwarves, wizards," he continued. "Of course, a place that all of us would like to shelter-in-place right now, The Shire."

The massive meeting starts off with just Gad and Astin, who recently participated in another Reunited Apart with the cast of The Goonies, entering a quest to reunite the group. 

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"I was wondering what you might think about tracking down a certain group of buddies, comrades, pals," Gad inquired. "What's another word for that? Maybe, I don't know, a fellowship?"

"You've got to be out of your mind man, come on!" Astin replied.

"You fought off an army of orcs multiple times," Gad said, as he rattled off a series of Astin's character, Samwise Gamgee's adventures. "...ran away from Gollum, all to destroy the most powerful ring in the world, how hard can a f--king phone call to Elijah Wood be?!"

In a matter of minutes, cast member after cast member populate the epic reunion, which you can watch in full above.

Perhaps the most epic arrival is when Ian McKellen enters reciting a famous piece of dialogue from his celebrated character, Gandalf, before cracking a joke.

"I remember when we all said goodbye, 30 years ago, that we were all going to have regular reunions," McKellen joked. "Have you been having these reunions without me?"

Just moments later, when the actors each share their matching tattoos — the word "nine" in Elvish — the 81-year-old knight caused another clamor while pointing to his shoulder, "When I read this, upside down of course, it spells Gucci."

This is the fourth installment of Reunited Apart series, which has also brought together the cast of Splash — featuring Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah, Eugene Levy, Ron Howardand Back To The Future — featuring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

In a recent interview with E! News' Lilliana Vazquez about his new animated series Central Park, Gad revealed the cast he'd love to reunite next.

"I would love to do Coming to America," Gad said. "Eddie Murphy, I would love for you to come on and do Reunited Apart!"

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