How Surfers Alana Blanchard and Jack Freestone Are Riding the Wave During Quarantine

Surfers Alana Blanchard and Jack Freestone are riding quarantine life in style. Get to know this power couple in and out of the water.

By Mike Vulpo May 31, 2020 4:00 PMTags
Alana Blanchard, Jack FreestoneAlana Blanchard/Instagram

Say aloha to one of surfing's sweetest couples!

On the North Shore of Hawaii lies a power couple that is not only catching waves. They've caught the attention of pop culture and sports fans alike for their candid social media posts, beautiful family and love for the ocean blue water. 

In case you didn't already guess, we're talking about Alana Blanchard and Jack Freestone.

This weekend, World Surf League released a short content piece called "Lawn Patrol" that gives a glimpse into the home life of this famous duo.

"We are usually traveling around the world doing contests but since the lockdown, we can't so they decided to have surfers show their house and the special things about it," Alana shared with E! News exclusively. "We have a toddler and he's just running around so it's hard to keep the house clean."

That growing toddler named Banks has already shown a love and appreciation for the ocean around him. In fact, one quick look at Alana and Jack's Instagrams and you may see a boy already following in mom and dad's footsteps.

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"We hope that he wants to surf and we definitely get him on the board and he just plays around but we're not going to push him or anything," she shared. "We're just hoping he sees us having fun so he'll come along. He's a whole different kid at the beach. He's just so happy and never wants to leave. It's pretty special."

Alana Blanchard/Instagram

What's also special is Alana and Jack's bond in and out of the water. While many days are spent catching waves, the pair also enjoys daytime dates and picnics outside. 

And yes, Jack is guilty of tuning into his leading lady's favorite reality TV shows.

"I'll be watching either Vanderpump Rules or Keeping Up With the Kardashians and he'll pretend to not want to watch it but then he's fully tuning in," she joked to us. "I keep up with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. He always gives me so much s--t about my reality TV but I just love them and every time I watch, he's glued."

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While the couple looks forward to competing again once the sports world resets after the Coronavirus, they also are excited for their upcoming wedding. 

"We were literally planning for the end of this year or the beginning of next year for our wedding. I'm from Kauai and Jack's from Australia so it was always going to be a destination wedding where we would have it in Australia or Kauai. Now we don't really know what to do or what's going to happen in the world. We're just stalled," Alana explained to us. "We don't want to plan anything and we don't know if people are going to want to travel so it's really hard."

One thing that's certain is Alana's longtime friend and fellow surfer Bethany Hamilton will be supporting. 

"I get so many young girls being like, ‘Are you still friends with Bethany?' And I'm always like, ‘Yah totally.' We literally just talked like two minutes ago," Alana shared. "We both have busy lives and when we're together, we're usually surfing so we're not taking pictures. We're super close still. She's actually going to be in my wedding when it happens." 

Until then, take a look at some of Alana's cutest photos with Jack and their son Banks in our gallery below.

Balancing Act

"If Jack's competing, I'll make sure I wake up with Banks. If I'm competing, Jack will step up more and be more on dad duty," Alana explained to E! News. "It just depends on who is doing what." 

Fun in the Sun

"What our type of date looks like @jackfreestone," Alana shared on Instagram when soaking up the sun with her man. 

Family of 3

"He's the best, loving dad you could ever ask for," Alana shared with E! News when gushing about Jack. "He just cares so much about Banks' happiness." 


"Salty kisses," the pro surfer shared with her followers after an afternoon in the ocean blue water. 

Unbreakable Bond

No matter where work takes the two, they have each other's backs. 

Travel Buddies

We promise these two aren't in the ocean all day, everyday! The couple snapped a photo from a vacation in Lisbon.

Anniversary Smooches

"Happy 8 years baby!!! Still feels like we just started dating even though we have a 2 year old," Alana wrote on Instagram this past February. "Love you so much, you are my everything." 

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