Madison Beer Apologizes After She Addresses Claims About Appearance

Madison Beer addresses controversial TikTok live video in which she defended her "natural f--king face," but sparked more backlash because of ongoing turmoil in U.S.

By Cydney Contreras May 29, 2020 1:05 AMTags
Madison Beer, 2019 Grammys, After PartyPresley Ann/Getty Images for Republic Records

Madison Beer is speaking out after she was criticized for sharing an emotional live video amid national outcry over the murder of George Floyd.

On Thursday, the starlet took to Twitter to defend her decision to go live on TikTok to set the record straight on whether she's gone under the knife, after one passionate critic said she was setting "unrealistic beauty standards" for her followers.

In said live video, she stated that she has only ever gotten her lips injected and "hated it." 

"This is literally my f--king natural face... I'm about to start crying, bro," the singer defended. 

But her choice to go live on TikTok only created more controversy, as people claimed that it was wrong to complain about "people calling her pretty" when a man was just killed in the custody of police.

However, Madison shared that it was never her intention to overshadow more important matters. 

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She wrote on Twitter, "I just want to briefly address this bc this is upsetting & untrue. me addressing rumors & hate when i did was poor timing & i apologize. i saw a video of someone claiming i give people eating disorders which triggered and upset me a lot—bc that is not something i take lightly."

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"In no world was what i was upset about in the same STRATOSPHERE as ANYTHING going on, but as someone who's struggled with my relationship with food for years, i saw a video and acted in a moment of hurt & went live. i was in no way trying to negate or compare to what is going on," the 21-year-old explained. 

She added that she wholeheartedly stands with the Black Lives Matter movement and is "all I want to talk about" at this point in time. "I will not f--king stop until justice is served for all the lives we've so unjustifly and unfairly lost," the star concluded. 

In addition, it was revealed she and her outspoken critic have made up after privately speaking.