Steve Carell's Space Force Costars Can't Stop Gushing About Him—But What Does He Have to Say?

Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes preview of Netflix's Space Force starring Steve Carell.

By Chris Harnick May 27, 2020 4:15 PMTags

For the first time since leaving The Office in 2011, Steve Carell is back in a TV comedy with Netflix's Space Force. Carell co-created the series with Greg Daniels, the man behind NBC's The Office, and stars as General Mark Naird, the head of the newest branch of the military, Space Force.

"Steve Carell, I think is just like magic," Ben Schwartz says in the exclusive Space Force behind-the-scenes sneak peek below. "He is so funny and so quick—and he's been doing this on such a level for so long that it's very inspiring to me."

The video below features Carell's Space Force costars saying exactly what you think they'd say about somebody like Steve Carell.

Space Force First Look: Steve Carell Returns to Workplace Comedy

"You know, Steve Carell is like, he's the king. I wish I could even say it was intimidating, but he is so nice there should be some weird dynamic and it is just so nice to watch and be around," Tawny Newsome says in the video below.

Warning, there is some explicit language in the sneak peek.

The series follows General Naird getting the Space Force off the ground and, uh, into space, at the request of the president. He's not mentioned by name, but you can guess who may be POTUS in this world. General Naird uproots his family and heads to Colorado for his new assignment and is thrust into a world of scientists, Spacemen and at times incompetence. But that's just scripted.

"He's a terrific kind of team leader, he's been in terrific writers rooms for decades. Very, very funny and very appreciative," John Malkovich says in the sneak peek above.

What's Carell's take?

"Nothing really memorable has happened. We show up and we say this dialogue and they put on film or tape, whatever it is," Carell deadpans.

Click play on the video above for more.

Space Force premieres Friday, May 29 on Netflix.