Watch Russell Wilson Troll Ciara for Doing "Whatever It Takes" to Get the Perfect Selfie

"What people would do just for a photo," Russell Wilson jokingly told Ciara after he spotted the "1,2 Step" singer standing on a chair while "trying to find the light"

By Elyse Dupre May 27, 2020 1:56 PMTags
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Russell Wilson couldn't resist trolling his wife Ciara over her commitment to getting the perfect selfie.

On Tuesday, the 31-year-old quarterback posted a video of the 34-year-old singer standing on a chair while trying to find the best lighting for her photo. 

"Look what the hell she's doing," the Seattle Seahawks star said. "She over here sitting on this dang chair—a nice expensive chair too, first of all. "And, she out here, pregnant and all, trying to take a photo."

Once she realized her hubby was watching, the "1,2 Step" celeb burst out laughing.

"What in the world you doing?" Wilson then asked her "What are you doing take selfies on a [chair]? What people would do just for a photo—pregnant and all."

Ciara then told him she was "trying to find the light" and that it was "fading." The NFL star then told her she "is the light." 

"You know what? Things have gone too far," Wilson quipped.

Still, Ciara seemed to suggest the extra effort was worth it.

"Whatever it takes!!" she wrote in the comments section after Wilson posted the video on Instagram.

Ciara & Russell Wilson's Cutest Pics

These weren't the only selfies Ciara took that day. Earlier in the day, she shared some snapshots of her baby bump.

"Selfie timer shoot kinda day," she captioned a few of the images.

Ciara announced her pregnancy at the beginning of the year. The Grammy winner, who is also the proud parent to her 6-year-old son Future and 3-year-old daughter Sienna, then revealed the sex of the child in April. She and Wilson are expecting a baby boy.

Watch the video to see Wilson tease her over the selfies.