America's Got Talent Season 15's First Golden Buzzer Will Make You Cry

America's Got Talent showcased a choir made up of San Francisco's homeless population for the first Golden Buzzer of the season

By Lauren Piester May 27, 2020 2:27 AMTags
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Fifteen seasons in, America's Got Talent is still up to its old tricks, contestant-wise. 

That show sure does love an emotional moment, and tonight's premiere gave us a serious one thanks to San Francisco's Voices of Our City. It's a choir made up entirely of homeless and formerly homeless singers from around the city, many of whom have been financially helped by the choir itself. Simon Cowell and his fellow judges were already fairly stunned before the performance even began, and then the choir director announced that the members had written their own song through a songwriting workshop. 

We were already sold, and then they started singing. The song also included a spoken word portion by one of the older members, which Cowell said was his favorite part. 

Host Terry Crews was particularly moved, and after the judges had given their glowing reviews, he made his way to the judges' table to hit that Golden Buzzer. 

America's Got Talent Golden Buzzer Moments

You can watch the performance below! 

The episode of course featured several other stand out performances, including the twins who go by the name Double Dragon and pulled out a performance of "It's Raining Men" that might just blow your socks off. 

We also met singer Archie Williams, who was wrongly imprisoned for 37 years and is now an America's Got Talent contestant. 

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