Jessica Simpson's 10-Year Anniversary Tribute to Eric Johnson Is the Definition of True Love

Jessica Simpson has not forgotten the exact day she fell in love with husband Eric Johnson.

By Samantha Schnurr May 22, 2020 2:46 PMTags
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Cue "I Wanna Love You Forever" because Jessica Simpson is celebrating a very special anniversary. 

On Thursday, the world-famous songstress and designer commemorated 10 years since the day she fell in love with her husband, Eric Johnson. Or, as she put it, "head over slippers" in love. 

"I fell head over slippers in love with this perfect man 10 YEARS ago today!" she recalled in an Instagram post. "By chance he knocked on my dreamy cottage door (sigh), I let him in and never let him leave."
She poetically concluded, "He is mine, I am his...forever #MAY212010." This isn't the first time she's highlighted the significant day to her fans. "The sexiest day of my life was 5yrs ago when Johnson came into my home," she said as she marked the day on social media in 2015. 

Just months later on Nov. 11, 2010,  the famous lovebirds were engaged. After welcoming their daughter Maxwell and son Ace, the two officially tied the knot in 2014 and more recently expanded the family once more with the birth of their third childBirdie, in 2019. 

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A decade later, their love story continues on. 

"Eric really just embraces with no judgment the woman that I am," Simpson recently said of her man on The View. "You know, with my flaws, I mean, that's some of his favorite parts about me, you know."

She added, "To be in that kind of relationship where you just feel secure and you feel like you're yourself, then you can, you know, then you can raise children and then you can be an amazing couple."

And, as Simpson noted, "He's my sexual shaman."