Here’s Why Lindsay Lohan Is Sparking Parent Trap Reunion Rumors

Fans think that Lindsay Lohan just confirmed that a Parent Trap reunion is in the works after her latest tweet, which came after director Nancy Meyers teased an exciting announcement.

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Watch: Lindsay Lohan Sparks "Parent Trap" Reunion Rumors

Parent Trap fans, listen up: We have brilliant beyond brilliant news!

On Thursday, Parent Trap director Nancy Meyers nearly broke the Internet after teasing that a possible cast reunion was underway. Taking to Instagram with news of a special announcement regarding the 1998 remake of the 1961 film, she shared a behind-the-scenes snap of herself directing a young Lindsay Lohan and Elaine Hendrix as they shot the duo's poolside confrontation. But alas, the famous director stressed that the news will not be involving a sequel.

"I have some #ParentTrap news to share next week," Meyers wrote. "#ItsGoingToBeFun. (Not a sequel. Sorry!)"

And, it appears that an important cast member might already be on board. Further confirming that something exciting was in the works, Lohan retweeted an article speculating that a Parent Trap reunion was happening. While the Mean Girls star didn't say much about the upcoming project, her fans were quick to celebrate. 

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"We're shaking," one wrote, followed by another who tweeted, "We need it!!" Poking fun at the fact that Lohan portrayed twins Hallie and Annie, one fan quipped, "Hope Lindsay & her twin are both there at the same time."

Fans of the family-favorite movie, which also stars Dennis Quaid and the late Natasha Richardson, weren't the only ones to rejoice over the news. Following Meyers' post, celebrities including Lily Aldridge, Ina Garten, Katie Couric and more took to the comments sections to learn more. "It's ALWAYS fun with you!!! Can't wait!" the Barefoot Contessa star wrote. Ali Wentworth also chimed in, commenting, "I can't wait! Tell me now!"

This reunion speculation comes months ahead of The Parent Trap's 22nd anniversary in July. Earlier this week, Simon Kunz, who played the James family's butler, served up some nostalgia by recreating his and Lohan's now-iconic handshake on TikTok

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In recent months, Lohan has also been adamant about getting the ball rolling on a Mean Girls sequel. Last month, she shared that she's eager to reprise her role as Cady Heron and reunite with Tina Fey and the rest of the crew from the 2004 film. 

"I think that I was hanging onto that for a really long idea," Lohan explained. "I kind of wanted to come back with like a Mean Girls 2, with the same cast and work with Tina and the whole crew again and [director] Mark Waters."

She added, "And that was really what I wanted, I was really excited to do that. And that's all in their hands really. So, that would definitely be an exciting thing."