Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell Sends Support to Mackenzie McKee Following Split

Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell speaks out on Mackenzie McKee’s relationship drama with Josh McKee. Read her heartfelt message to her co-star.

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Catelynn Lowell, Mackenzie Mckee Getty Images/ Instagram

Catelynn Lowell is sending her support to Mackenzie McKee.

Earlier this week, the Teen Mom OG star accused her husband Josh McKee of being unfaithful and cheating. As a result, she was ready to walk away from the relationship for good.

"People have tried to tell me for years Josh doesn't love me and I just made excuses for him," she shared in a Facebook post captured by fans. "But today is the day I walk away. Pray for me, that I can function, feel worthy again and find hope. Pray for my kids, I always wanted my family to work so they don't have to live in two different houses. I was 100% committed to Josh and so much I don't understand."

In addition to thousands of viewers and fans offering their support, Mackenzie's co-star also expressed her hurt over the situation.

"I feel bad for her and I hope she can stay strong during this and make the decisions that she feels like she needs to make for herself and for her kids," Catelynn shared with E! News exclusively. "It's really hard, what's she's going through. I cannot even imagine."

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She added, "I just want her to know that I'm here if she ever needs to talk and that I'm definitely thinking about her."

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Mackenzie's announcement caught fans off guard. In fact, the current season of Teen Mom OG featured a surprise birthday proposal from Josh where he recommited his love to Mackenzie.

"I still think about it and wow!" she shared with E! News just last month. "My prince or this whole new man was waiting for me at the end. It was so crazy."

For those wondering how other couples from the franchise are doing, we're checking in thanks to our gallery below. And keep up with Mackenzie and Catelynn's life on Teen Mom OG airing Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. only on MTV.

Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra

Viewers watched Catelynn and her now-husband Tyler made the difficult choice to place their first child, Carly, up for adoption, in 2009 on the first season of 16 and Pregnant. After 13 years together, the fan-favorite couple wed in August 2015 and have since had more children together. In August 2021, the couple announced the arrival of another baby girl

Maci Bookout & Ryan Edwards

Together less than six months when she got pregnant, viewers saw Maci struggle with an irresponsible Ryan on 16 and Pregnant. Though they got engaged, they split less than a year after their son Bentley was born.

Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney

Maci married Taylor in October 2016, after welcoming two children together in May 2015 (Jayde) and May 2016 (Maverick). As they continue expanding their fashion line called TTM Lifestyle, Maci is quick to gush over her supportive husband. "I like him everyday. Of course I love him everyday but sometimes you're annoying but nobody else can call him annoying except me," she joked to E! News in January 2022. "We're good. We're doing good." 

Cheyenne Floyd & Cory Wharton

Despite moving on with new significant others, the two MTV stars continue to co-parent their daughter Ryder together.

"Our biggest thing since day one of Cory coming into Ryder's life was what kind of dad he wanted to be and what kind of parent he wanted to be," Cheyenne explained to E! News in March 2020. "I wasn't going to allow him to be a Disneyland dad or an Instagram dad or just in the moment. He had to be 100 percent. I think from the beginning, he saw my mindset and appreciated it so that's why we co-parent so well."

Cheyenne Floyd & Zach Davis

After their romance ended in 2018, the pair decided to give their relationship a second chance. While celebrating her 28th birthday, Cheyenne confirmed on Instagram that she was back with Zach. In May 2021, the couple welcomed their first child together and got married in September 2022. 

"They are very in tune in such a natural way," Maci Bookout told E! News. "They just go together so smoothly and individually, they're awesome to be around but together, they are a blast. And they are always down for anything."

Ryan Edwards & Mackenzie Standifer

Ryan married girlfriend Mackenzie on May 15, 2017. After drug abuse and cheating allegations against Ryan surfaced in 2018, however, he checked into rehab. The couple was briefly able to repair their relationship and welcomed two children. But in February 2023, Mackenzie filed for divorce after nearly six years of marriage. 

Amber Portwood & Gary Shirley

The contentious pair called it quits for good in 2013 after a volatile relationship. After years of back and forth, the duo has found a way to co-parent their daughter, Leah. Amber has recently said Gary is just like family, and they have finally gotten to a point where they can be friends. 

"Gary is a really big part of this franchise. For me, it's been 14 years, I'm 31 and we have fun together but at a distance," Amber told E! News in January 2022. "But our relationship is good. It's a family now so we treat it as a family more than anything else." 

Amber Portwood & Matt Baier

Amber and Matt, 46, ended their engagement after going on Marriage Boot Camp.

Amber Portwood & Andrew Glennon

It's complicated. The reality star met her current beau while filming Marriage Boot Camp with her ex, as he was working as a crew member on the WE tv series' set, and made their debut as a couple at the 2017 MTV Movie Awards. In May 2018, Amber gave birth to the couple's first child, James. After Amber was arrested for domestic battery in July 2019, their relationship status took a turn for the worse. 

Amber Portwood & Dimitri Garcia

After meeting on the Internet, Amber's love interest made his Teen Mom OG debut in April 2020. "Dimitri is from Belgium. He's 39 so he's 10 years older than me. But he's a very handsome man," Amber shared on the show. "I started opening up to him and we decided we should meet since we like each other." In April 2021, Amber revealed on the Teen Mom OG reunion special that she is still dating Dimitri. "We've known each other now for 18 months," she explained. "But I haven't seen him in a year though." 

Gary Shirley & Kristina Anderson

The couple wed in November 2015, after welcoming their first child together, Emilee, in April of that year. They remain close with Amber Portwood. 

Farrah Abraham & Derek Underwood

The father of Farrah's daughter Sophia died in an accident two months prior to her birth in December 2008.

Farrah Abraham & Simon Saran

Farrah dated the real estate agent on and off for over two years, and it was her first serious relationship since Derek's death. But Simon recently told E! News they are currently just friends, despite Farrah serving him with a cease and desist order in July. "I think it's better if we keep it at that level," he said. "Her head game changed my mind. She's great at it. Definitely knows how to cheer one up and put one in a better mood."

Jenelle Evans & Andrew Lewis

The parents of Jace split soon after he was arrested. Andrew appeared on Teen Mom 2, looking to meet his son. However, Jenelle has since refused his request. 

Jenelle Evans & David Eason

After a one-year marriage to Courtland Rogers, and having her second child, Kaiser, with ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffin in 2014, Jenelle is now married to David, swapping vows in September 2017. They welcomed a daughter in January 2017, Ensley. One month after celebrating their two-year wedding anniversary, Jenelle announced she was separating from David. But as of September 2020, they are back together

Chelsea Houska & Adam Lind

Chelsea's relationship fell apart with daughter Audree's father Adam during Teen Mom 2, with Adam now having little involvement in her life.

Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer

After meeting in 2014, Chelsea and Cole got engaged in November 2015, going on to wed in October 2016. They have since welcomed three children together and now have their own show on HGTV. 

Leah Messer & Corey Simms

Leah and her husband Corey, the father to twins Aliannah and Aleeah, divorced in 2011. 

Leah Messer & Jeremy Calvert

The couple wed in 2012, and went on to welcome their daughter, Adlynn, in 2013. They divorced in 2015, and it was finalized while Leah was in rehab. They continue to remain friends and co-parent their daughter. "I'll always love her," Jeremy shared on the Teen Mom 2 reunion back in December 2019. 

Leah Messer & Jaylan Mobley

In September 2021, E! News confirmed that Leah and Jaylan were official. In addition, the United States Army officer had already met Leah's kids. "They both are enjoying their time with each other," Leah's rep told E! News. "While she has been nervous in the past about introducing someone new to the girls, the meeting went really well."

In August 2022, the couple announced they were engaged but later broke up in October of the same year. 

Kailyn Lowry & Jo Rivera

Jo is the father of Kailyn's first child, Isaac, and viewers saw the couple fight a lot during their season of 16 and Pregnant. Though the couple split soon after Isaac's birth in 2010, Kailyn and Jo remain friends, and Jo is currently married to Vee Torres. 

Kailyn Lowry & Javi Marroquin

After her split from Jo, she married Javi in 2012 and they had a son, Lincoln, before divorcing in late 2016 after a contentious split. "That ship has sailed a long time ago," Kailyn proclaimed during the December 2019 Teen Mom 2 reunion show. 

Kailyn Lowry & Chris Lopez

Though Kailyn gave birth to her third child, a boy named Lux Russell, in August 2017, she split from Chris, the father, before then. Since then, Kailyn and Chris have had an on-off relationship, yet Kailyn currently is not on romantic terms with Chris. "There is no status at all. There is no co-parenting right now," Kailyn shared on the December 2019 Teen Mom 2 reunion. "Right now, he is just working and going to therapy and working on himself and I know he will see Lux when the time is right."

Jade Cline & Sean Austin

Since welcoming their daughter, this Teen Mom 2 couple has had their ups and downs. But in January 2022, Jade teased to fans that better days are ahead. "There were some major, major things that happened with our lives and major improvements that happen with Sean's life as well and with his future," she told E! News. "I'm really proud of him and where we are today." In September 2022, the couple announced they were engaged

Ashley Siren & Bar Smith

The proud parents to daughter Holly Isabella continue to document their love story on Teen Mom 2. In November 2020, the pair confirmed they were engaged. 

Briana DeJesus & Devoin Austin II

Briana and Devoin, who had some run-ins with the law, split before their daughter, Teen Mom 2, Nova, was born during their season on 16 and Pregnant, with Briana saying of their strained relationship, "He's not the best father he should be to Nova."

Briana DeJesus and Luis

After starring on the single season of Teen Mom 3, Briana joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 in its eighth season, and gave birth to her second daughter, Stella, with ex-boyfriend Luis Miguel, on July 2017. "I think he wants a family with me and since I'm not giving that to him, he just wants to stay away completely," Briana explained to Dr. Drew in a December 2019 Teen Mom 2 episode. 

Briana DeJesus & John Rodriguez

Shortly after celebrating their one-year anniversary at a tropical destination, the couple called it quits. "The timing sucks so bad but it had nothing to do with Javi," Briana assured us.

Briana DeJesus & Javi Gonzalez

Before a new season of Teen Mom 2 kicked off in May 2021, Briana revealed to E! News she has been seeing a tattoo artist since the middle of 2020. "I hope he's the one," Briana told E! News. "He's so nice. I've never met a man this sincere and genuine and that respects me so much." In May 2021, the MTV star confirmed she was engaged, but later announced she was single three months later

Mackenzie McKee & Josh McKee

After welcoming a baby boy in 2011, the duo announced in August 2013 they were expecting their second child before getting married a few days later. Their second child, a daughter named Jaxie, was born in Febuary 2014. In August 2019, things appeared to be over between the two when Mackenzie announced she was "freshly single." But when Mackenzie turned 25, she revealed a reconciliation between her and Josh. 

In 2021 episodes of Teen Mom OG,  Mackenzie and Josh were still attempting to work on their relationship. But in July 2022, the couple broke up after 12 years together. 

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