New Tori Kelly Music May Be Here Sooner Than You Realize

By Allison Crist May 21, 2020 6:52 PMTags
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Tori Kelly isn't letting any time go to waste while in self-isolation!

Joining Scott Tweedie for HappE! Hour on Wednesday evening, the musician revealed that when she hasn't been recording episodes of QuaranTEA with Tori, she's been hard at work on her next album.

"...it's crazy because I can't really complain because I feel so blessed that I get this home studio," Tori told E!. "So being a musician, it's kind of been nice actually just to, like, catch up on some creative stuff. And I've been writing a lot!"

Unfortunately, Tori couldn't give many details; however, she did make a worthwhile promise: "I can't give anything away specifically yet, but I can definitely say there's new music coming soon."

Fans of hers will certainly be excited to hear the news, but they haven't ever gone long without new music. In fact, Tori just released her last album, Inspired By True Events, in 2019!

Tori told Scott that the release of the deeply personal album was "kind of a relief."

"I feel like once I released it...it did take me a long time to write these songs just because of how personal they were. And life was just happening," she explained, adding that she was initially "nervous for people to hear that side of me."

Tori Kelly - 2019 Grammy Awards Glambot

"I was really opening up about some things," Tori shared with Scott. "But it felt so good to finally get it out."

The father-daughter track "Change Your Mind," was particularly hard for Tori to write and release. 

"That was, like, a scary one to put out for some reason but it's so funny because I actually ended up playing that song for my dad before it came out," Tori said. "He was like, 'I don't know why you'd be so nervous because it sounds great and you're just being honest.'"

She continued, "And for people who don't know, he taught me so much about music. He's a musician as well. And so we have this really strong bond; like, musical bond...family's family and I love them to death but, we obviously went through some crazy times. It was cool for me to use music, really the only thing I know how to use, as sort of a way to process everything that was going on and just kind of unlock those emotions I didn't even know I could sing about it."

Despite the entire experience being therapeutic, Tori said she's ready for her next chapter. 

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"After a couple years, life keeps going," Tori, who had also released a gospel album in 2018, stated. "So I was in a whole different place in my life and [now I'm] starting to write about different things. So I think getting that out, it was like, okay, this represented that chapter of my life but now I'm ready to move forward and put out new tunes."

But will that chapter include a reprised role in the Sing sequel?

Yes, indeed!

Unfortunately, there wasn't much she was able to share about animated film.

"I'm probably going to get in trouble if I do," she quipped. "Actually, I don't even really know if I can say anything—other than it's coming!"

In the first Sing film, Tori played a teenage elephant with an incredible voice, but severe stage fright. She said on Wednesday that the movie gave her an entirely new group of fans, though they're not always excited to meet her in person.

"It's actually really funny, too, because parents will see me and they'll like try to tell their kids, 'Look, this is Meena! This is the elephant from Sing!'" she said, laughing. "And they're looking at me like they're just so disappointed!"

Benjo Arwas

Tori may still be working around the clock while in quarantine, but she was also recently able to celebrate her two-year wedding anniversary to her husbandAndré Murillo. 

"I still feel like we're learning a lot, actually," Tori explained. "But man, I will say though that it's just, like so beautiful, I think, to just be able to learn and grow together. I think commitment is just such a beautiful thing. Because it's like you're accepting all of a person; the good or the bad. And when you get through those rough times, it just becomes even more beautiful."

And when the musician does get free time, she told Scott that she's been prioritizing her work with Food for the Hungry and Feeding America. She encouraged anyone who wants to get involved to visit FH.org/healthnow.

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