Chris Cuomo's Latest Sibling Rivalry Stunt Leaves Governor Andrew Cuomo Laughing Out Loud

Fans got another look at Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo and CNN star Chris Cuomo's famous sibling rivalry during their Wednesday night interview.

By Elyse Dupre May 21, 2020 12:26 PMTags
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The Cuomo brothers are at it again.

Fans got another look at Andrew Cuomo and Chris Cuomo's famous sibling rivalry during their Wednesday night interview on CNN.

The Governor of New York recently took a coronavirus test on live TV to show other New Yorkers "how fast and easy it is" and to "demonstrate why there should be no reluctance." However, the anchor couldn't resist teasing his big brother.

"Is it true that when you were having the test administered, you inhaled and the doctor's finger went all the way up your nose and got stuck and had to be released with a tool?" Chris jokingly asked.

Of course, Andrew was used to his sibling's friendly jabs and played along.

"No, she wanted to comment that I have a little button nose and she was afraid the swab would actually hurt because it extended my nasal cavity," he replied. "She was speaking about the delicacy of the nose."

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But Chris didn't stop there. He then held up a typical test swab and compared it to two oversized swabs, joking that the governor had to use the latter.

"Is it true that this was the swab that the nurse was actually using on you and that at first it went into your nose and disappeared so that, in scale, this was the actual swab that was being used to fit up that double barrel shotgun that you have mounted on the front of your pretty face?" he jokingly asked while holding up the fake giant swabs. 

At this point, Andrew couldn't stop laughing.

"See? I said I was going to be nice, and sweet and cooperative. I was trying very hard," he said in between chuckles. "You know? First, I thought I did so well on that nasal test standing up there. She did the swab; I did not flinch. I was a cool dude in a loose mood. [I] didn't move, anything; I was happy."

Still, Chris kept the jokes coming.

"Of course you were! That swab is like a piece of lint going in that thing in your face. How could it have collected anything? It was like throwing a rock around a cave," he said, then proceeding to hold up the big swabs. "Was it this or was it this? Tell people the truth."

Andrew then said "this is not love."

Chris, who tested positive for coronavirus in March but has since recovered, then continued to poke fun at his family member online.


"Which was it?" he wrote alongside a photo of the swabs. "#SwabGate or #SchnozGate?"

Andrew talked about their banter during a recent episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers. When asked if the brothers are "playing it up a little bit in regard to the busting of the chops for the cameras," the governor assured the host they're "playing it down." 

"It's tempered. It's the nice version. It's the 'I'm biting my tongue' version because he takes advantage of me in that situation," he told Seth Meyers. "He has a certain amount of license. He can say what he wants to say. I have to be gubernatorial and respectful. So, he uses it." 

Watch the video to see their latest exchange.

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