What to Watch This Weekend: Our Top Binge Picks for May 23-24

From Sweet Magnolias on Netflix to Homecoming on Amazon Prime Video, here are our top TV recommendations

By Tierney Bricker May 23, 2020 12:00 AMTags
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Saturday night's all right for streaming...and Sunday is, too.

Another weekend is here so you know what that means: another two days to spend catching up on TV shows, old and new. And we're here to help you fully make the most of your time, providing our top binge picks for May 23-24.

This weekend, Netflix is offering up a new heartwarming drama that will give you flashbacks to the days of small town stories on The WB, and Homecoming is back for its mindf--k of a second season, with another star stepping in for Julia Roberts

Plus, one of 2019's most underrated reality series is back with new episodes, a gripping crime drama is wrapping up and a highly anticipated new rom-com is here to provide the perfect entertainment for a date night at home. 

Plus, we're celebrating the 10th anniversary of one of TV's most polarizing series finales ever...

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If You Need a Dose of Southern Charm: Y'all, Sweet Magnolias goes down real smooth...and features the acting comeback of Jamie Lynn Spears! It's hard to believe this feel-good seemingly-fluffier-than-a-marshmallow show isn't airing on Hallmark Channel, given the name, but there's a bit of edge to this one the Christmas-loving network would blush over; JoAnna Garcia's Maddie is dealing with her husband (Chris Klein) leaving her for his pregnant mistress (Spears) in Serenity, South Carolina. Lots of wine nights with supportive girlfriends, a new business venture a flirtation with her son's coach and more small town antics ensue. (Where to Watch: Netflix)


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If You Want to Remember the Good Times: With Vanderpump Rules' most recent season coming to a dramatic close, with the end of multiple decades-long friendships, why not go back to the early days of the Bravo reality hit to see its humble beginnings, back when the SUR gang's biggest concern was getting their shirt off in time for a parking lot brawl and not waking up their sleeping friend while having sex with his girlfriend? Ah, such simpler times. (Where to Watch: Right Here)

If You Want a Quick Slow-Burn: If you watched Homecoming's first season, with Julia Roberts as its anchor, you know a quick slow-burn is actually possible. The psychological thriller based on the hit podcast is back for its sophomore outing, with Janelle Monáe taking over for Roberts in her first major TV role. But one of the biggest treats of the second season is an expanded role for Hong Chau, fresh off of her run on Watchmen, and the scenes between the two female leads. (Where to Watch: Amazon Prime Video)

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If You Are in the Mood For a Date Night: We've been waiting for this rom-com-gone-wrong for a long time. Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani, he of the recently ripped superhero bod, team up as a couple on the verge of breaking up who find themselves wrapped up in a murder mystery. It's a wacky and hilarious cocktail that'll spice up your weekend. (Where to Watch: Netflix)

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If You Are Still Listening to the Rocketman Soundtrack on Repeat: Good news, the Elton John biopic starring a delightful (and Golden Globe-winning) Taran Egerton as the icon is finally available. Saturday night's alright for streaming! (Where to Watch: Hulu and Amazon Prime Video)


If You Need Some House Porn with Housewife Accents: Anyone else sick of their own home? Yeah, us too. So why not escape for a bit with the new season of Selling Sunset, one of 2019's most underrated TV series. The real estate reality soap (say that three times fast) is back in action, with the agents at the Los Angeles firm The Oppenheim Group once again fighting for clients amid their relationship drama: Heather Young is now dating Flip or Flop's Tarek El Moussa (Talk about a crossover), Chrishelle Stause is going through a high-profile divorce from This Is Us' Justin Hartley, and Christine Quinn got secretly married. Hey, you can't spell commission without "sin." That really made no sense but we're going with it. (Where to Watch: Netflix)

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If You Want to Celebrate and Debate One of TV's Biggest Shows: 10 years ago, Lost came to a polarizing end, becoming one of early TV Twitter's biggest targets with its series finale. What better way to honor the ABC drama's legacy on May 31 than by rewatching the conclusion of the passengers on Flight 815's journey and fighting over it with your friends all over again. (Where to Watch: Hulu and Amazon Prime Video)

If You Want to Know How It All Ends: Chris Evans' eight-episode long Law & Order episode comes to an end next week, with Defending Jacob airing its finale and bringing resolution to the case....or does it? We highly recommend binging all of the previous episodes if you haven't already to form your own opinion about whether or not Jacob murdered his classmate. Oh, and to truly appreciate how stellar Michelle Dockery's performance. (Where to Watch: Apple TV+)

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