Calvin Harris Reveals He Had to Have His Heart "Restarted" in 2014

Calvin Harris opened up about his health struggles, telling fans that he had to have his heart "restarted" in 2014 after a whirlwind year of performances.

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Calvin Harris is opening up about his 2014 health scare. 

On Tuesday, the famous DJ revealed that he had to have his heart "restarted," telling fans that the pivotal year brought several ups and downs. 

"Interesting year for me 2014, started with me knocking myself off number 1 in the UK and ended with my heart getting restarted in the ER...this sort of stuff happened in between," he said in response to fellow DJ Dancing Astronaut's tweet, which featured a video of Harris' set from the Electric Daisy Festival in 2014.

At the time, the "Summer" singer eluded that he was suffering health problems after canceling several gigs and appearances. Among them was the MTV European Music Awards, which he announced he wasn't attending just 24 hours before the event. "No EMAs for me this weekend," he tweeted ahead of the award show. "Got some heart problems. Heading home to see if it can be fixed x."

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Later that year, he revealed that he had been diagnosed with arrhythmia, which is characterized by an irregular or abnormal beating of the heart. Following the diagnosis, Harris gave up alcohol to prevent the symptoms.

Back in 2018, Harris opened up about his sobriety during a candid Q&A on Twitter and shared that he would drink two bottles of whiskey before taking the stage. 

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"The last thing I want to do is down 2 bottles of jack daniels a night, live on greggs pasties and sleep on an absolutely stinking bus all year, scream down a mic for 55 minutes and pretend to play a keyboard 5x a week those days are behind me son," he said, according to The Sun. In another tweet, Harris said, "Haven't drank in 4 years big man, adding, "Aye things are a bit less fun but haven't had an arrhythmia since 2014." 

Speaking to BBC News, the "This Is What You Came For" hitmaker detailed the challenges of staying sober while on tour, saying, "I stopped drinking because it actually was making me ill. It was affecting my brain in the worst way. It's hard doing what I do because you're surrounded by JD. Everywhere you go there's a bottle of Jack Daniels. If you turn up for a DJ set there are two, you turn up for a band gig and there are six. Where does it all go? Well someone's got to drink it."