Drew Barrymore Gets Real About How She's Navigating This New Normal

Read about Drew Barrymore's relatable mom moments with her kids, how she's helping others with her new partnership and more!

By Alli Rosenbloom, Alyssa Morin May 19, 2020 9:11 PMTags
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Celebrities, they're just like us!

Among those stars? Drew Barrymore.

The beloved actress is keeping it real when it comes to her home life in quarantine amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, how she's helping others during these difficult times and what she's doing to keep a sense of normalcy.

For one, the Charlie's Angels alum recently joined forces with McCormick and donated $1 million to the No Kid Hungry organization, which helps with COVID-19 relief efforts and also helps those struggling with food resources.

"I love that McCormick and I are trying to balance the story of: Here is the reality, which is why we're going to raise one million dollars to No Kid Hungry and we're going to raise awareness and inspire others to give to that charity," the actress told E! News.

She added, "When we talk about the realities, the necessities and the luxuries of food, we also want to focus on the fact that it is also one of the most romantic, celebratory and communal things we have in our life and as a society."

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As a part of her partnership, Drew is doing an Instagram Live on Tuesday to share the #TacosTogether initiative, where she'll be making tacos while also shining a light on the No Kids Hungry organization.

Bringing people together through food and charity is just one of the few things the actress is doing during these uncertain times. Read about her relatable mom moments with her kids, how she's finding a sense of normalcy through all of this and more.

E! News: Tell us about your partnership with McCormick and No Kid Hungry, and why it was important for you to be part of it?

Drew Barrymore: It's honestly one of the biggest things I've ever gotten to be a part of in my life. We collectively chose together to do No Kid Hungry. I was so relieved that our choice was aligned and I'm happy to know that I'm at the same place I was fifteen years ago—that school-feeding, providing meals to children, who cannot get it otherwise, is still a central focus for me. I think kids are where my focus usually lies.

There are so many things to tackle in this world, as far as the issues and the necessities. And sometimes I feel there is no way I can make a dent in anything, because there are so many focuses, places that need attention, funding, care and a light shined upon them. I continue to find myself without any forced-ness in this lane. It's where I feel like I can be the most focused and productive. I think you should do what really speaks to you and if everybody's doing what's speaking to them then different things are going to get tackled.

E! News: How has your quarantine experience been like with your kids.

DB: Every day is different, honestly, because the challenges are different every day. I think I've just had a lot of revelations about: we are not supposed to be all things to our children. There is a reason there are teachers and there's a reason there are other families and there's a reason they have friends. When we strip all of that away, I think it's a new experience for all of us. It really takes a new skill set, a new abolishing of ego, a new level of strength, a new level of humility and a new level of problem-solving.

E! News: How have you been dealing with this adjustment?

DB: I remember when everyone was freaking out 10 days in and I wasn't, and two months in, now I'm freaking out. Now I don't see the finish line anywhere in sight. I'm always trying to navigate this new normal. And it's messy and it's awesome and I've found a lot of surprises of things I'm capable of that I didn't think I was. I found I'm being harder on myself than I've ever known, because of all that I'm tasked with—and if I'm not rising to the occasion. I mean, it's just crazy! It's messy, it's humorous, it's crazy. I do not have it together and I'm trying every day to do so and some days are prettier than others.

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E! News: What new skills have you and your daughters picked up during this time? You recently shared that Olive photographed images for your magazine photoshoot.

DB: Yeah [laughs] I know! I'm like, 'You're a photographer?!' I think kids learn by example, and you can talk until you're blue in the face, and they don't really listen but they see everything. I hope they see this stuff. Because they're certainly seeing me break down and cry in the corner, so I think that this is a good balance to that. Like, I'm incapable one minute... and screaming to the heavens, shaking my fist, and the next minute, I'm part of something far bigger than myself and I'm not even thinking about the way anything I do functions. I'm part of something that I'm really proud of. So I hope they do that, too. And honestly, it's like, we have to lighten up.

E! News: Is there anything you're doing for your daughters during this time, that's tapping into your creative side?

DB: I love to curate movies for my daughters. That's something that I have been doing since they were born but not since Coronavirus. I realized what a curator of the movies I am for them. I was a host on Turner Classic Movies for three years called The Essentials. My family—their family—was in silent films. We've all been part, as Barrymore's, since the beginning of film. Literally the start of it! So I love curating movies for my kids. I think it's like music, it kind of puts on a mood. I know when it's comedy time, I know when it's cozy, thoughtful time, I know when I'm like, 'You need some Pollyanna and some Little Princess right now.' Sometimes I'm like, 'It's Billy Madison on Dumb and Dumber, sometimes I'm like, 'It's Dumbo and Charlotte's Web.' I think I'm trying to curate mood and perspective through movies.

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E! News: It's a legacy!

DB: I'm like, this is in our blood! If we were a literary family, I'd force books down their throat, which we are reading books, too. 

E! News: Since you have a beauty brand, has that been something fun for your girls?

DB: My makeup is smeared everywhere that it possibly can be. So if cleaning up stains all over the place is fun for you, then we're having a blast. 

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.