Why Celebs Love Dr. Dennis Gross' LED Face Mask

Take your skincare ritual to the next level with this innovative treatment.

By Amanda Williams, Carly Milne May 19, 2020 11:00 AMTags
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Celebrities are always on top of the latest skincare innovations and trends, but this one looks like it's out of this world!

Maybe you've seen your favorite celebs post a picture of themselves wearing a glowing, alien-like mask on social media... not that you can tell that it's them! The mask in question is the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare SpectraLite Faceware Pro, and it's taking over. Lucy Hale and Jimmy Fallon shared their experiences with the mask on Instagram, Charlotte McKinney sang its praises to Elle, Ken Jeong played with it at Vogue, and everyone from Halle Berry to Kris Jenner wore it on their Instagram Stories.  

So why are so many celebs loving this LED mask? "It's easy to use and the results are seen fast," says Dr. Dennis Gross. "It's next level results you get by bringing dermatologist technology into your home. It's a breakthrough because the mask is virtually an all-in-one, no hassle treatment that you can add to any skincare routine and see added benefits."

The mask's interior is dotted with 162 red and blue LED lights, which each do different things. "The red lights decrease inflammation, increase circulation and boost your skin's elastin and collagen production; the key to younger, healthy looking skin," Dr. Gross explains. "Blue light kills acne-causing bacteria and regulate oil production. You can use the red and blue light simultaneously with this device to target multiple concerns at once."

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"LED is just like any other topical ingredient; your skin cells actually have receptors for LED," he adds. "Think of receptors as doorways that allow ingredients to 'enter' inside a skin cell. Not all ingredients can enter. Only the ones that fit a specific, dedicated receptor. And only the ingredients that fit within a dedicated receptor can generate change in a cell. Celebrities love the device because it is giving their skin routine an added boost in addition to other topical serums they might be using with ingredients like vitamin C and retinol."

The mask comes with a good pedigree—not only because it comes from Dr. Gross, but also, "The mask is one of the only FDA approved LED masks for at-home use, and there are clinicals that prove the results are real," Dr. Gross shares. And because celebrities have access to all the best treatments, they're only going to keep something that works for them. Plus, it's super easy to use.

Says Dr. Gross, "It is hands free and rechargeable, so you can multitask while doing the treatment. Best of all, each treatment is only three minutes per day. It's not time consuming and really easy to add to your regimen, even if you have a busy schedule."

Dr. Gross thinks now is a great time to try something like an LED mask, largely because so many people are embracing self care, and we all have more time at home to perfect our skincare regimen. As he puts it, "It's a nice way to calm your stressors and have a self-care moment throughout your day." Plus, you can use it any time you wish, be it day or night. But Dr. Gross does have some tips to help it be more effective.

"You have to be sure that you are using the mask on clean, dry skin," he instructs. "If you apply serums or creams before using it, the LED won't penetrate the skin as well. It is also important that you commit to using the device daily. Just like any other product, it won't work if it's sitting on the shelf."

Interested in trying it for yourself? Shop the mask below!

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare SpectraLite Faceware Pro

Put this mask on, let it conform to the contours of your face, and watch as it visibly reduces fine lines, wrinkles, redness and blemishes. 

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