Hannah Brown Feels "Embarrassed" After Receiving Backlash for Saying the N-Word

A source tells E! News how Hannah Brown is feeling after receiving backlash for saying the N-Word during an Instagram Live over the weekend.

By Alyssa Morin May 18, 2020 8:20 PMTags

This rose is losing its bloom.

Over the weekend, Hannah Brown came under fire for saying the N-word during an Instagram Live session.

For a little refresher on what happened: The Bachelorette star recorded herself singing DaBaby's hit song "Rockstar" on Saturday evening. And while she skipped the F-word part of the lyrics, she seemingly forgot to do the same with the racial slur.

Moments later, she said, "I'm so sorry... I was singing a song, I'm so sorry."

"I don't think I said that word, but now I'm like... Oh god," she continued. "I've never used that word. I've never called anybody that... You can think I'm something that I'm not, but I'm not that."

After receiving backlash from Bachelor Nation stars and fans alike, the reality TV personality issued an apology.

"I owe you all a major apology," she expressed on Instagram Stories on Sunday afternoon. "There is no excuse and I will not justify what I said."

Bachelor Nation Reacts to Hannah Brown Scandal

She added, "I have read your messages and seen the hurt I have caused. I own it all. I am terribly sorry and know that whether in public or private, this language is unacceptable. I promise to do better."

At this time, Hannah has kept quiet on social media since releasing her statement on Instagram Stories. However, a source is sharing with E! News how The Bachelorette alum is feeling in light of her actions.


"Hannah is extremely upset and embarrassed over the situation," the insider tells us. "She hadn't realized what she'd done until after the fact, and is so disappointed in herself. It was a huge mistake and she feels awful."

According to our source, The Bachelorette alum got in touch with her friend (and Tyler Cameron's BFF) Matt James.

"Hannah immediately reached out to Matt James and apologized for her actions. He was definitely taken back, but knows Hannah did not mean what she said," the source shares. "They are close friends and have spent a good amount of time together and he knows it's out of Hannah's character."

The source adds, "Matt is looking to the positives in the situation and wants Hannah to learn from this. Him and Tyler discussed things and they both agreed they know Hannah is not racist at her core, but both think she needs to use her platform to learn from this and spread awareness."

On Sunday, James seemingly responded to Hannah's actions with a caption on Instagram Stories that read, "Let's spread love today."

However, Cameron directly commented on the situation after Brown received backlash.

"In these moments, you have the opportunity to burry [sic] someone or lift them up. We need to lift HB up from this," he wrote on his Instagram Stories on Sunday. "She is learning and growing just like every single one of us. Love rids hate. Hate only makes more hate. Let's learn and lift each other up with love."

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Additionally, he referenced Rachel Lindsay's perfect take on why the N-word is deeply offensive and how she personally felt hurt by it.

"Rachel hit the nail on the head," Cameron said on Instagram Stories. "Y'all need to go look at the comments. We have a long ways to go on this issue and a lot to learn. If you find yourself getting defensive, you are part of the problem."

He added, "This is not about dragging HB. This is about using your platform for reasons like this. So we can educate those who don't get it. This is bigger than HB. This is a societal problem."

In Lindsay's response, she revealed she spoke to Brown directly. She also pointed out how she's "tired" of having to educate and address these issues.

"I never wanted to speak on this, I never wanted to say anything, I'm honestly tired of feeling like I have to speak because other people won't... I'm personally offended by what was done...," the former Bachelorette lead shared. "To start from the beginning, last night when everything popped off."

"You know, it's easy to make a statement... It's easy to hide behind words but when you're bold enough to say the N-word on camera, on your platform...," she continued.

Adding, "Let me just say, when you're bold enough to say the word on your platform, then you need to be bold enough to use your face on camera and apologize the same way you said the word."