Surprises, Doubts and Soulmates on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days

Varya showed up at Geoffrey's to win him back on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.

By Chris Harnick May 18, 2020 2:13 PMTags

Is anybody getting a happy ending on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days? One person determined to get it is Varya. After she turned down Geoffrey's proposal, he returned to the United States, making it clear that they were over before he departed Russia.

Once back in the States, Geoffrey said Varya was texting him, she said she loved him and it was a stupid way to end their relationship. Geoffrey stuck to his guns and didn't engaged. He even started dating his friend, Mary, who previously revealed she had feelings for him.

Things were… going well? Until, surprise, Varya showed up in Knoxville. 

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Varya's tourist visa was approved and because Geoffrey wasn't engaging with her attempts at communication, she decided to surprise him. "I'm here for Geoffrey. I love him a lot," she told producers. She was ready to forgive his criminal past. So, off she went to his home to surprise him and win him back…where she was greeted by Geoffrey and his new girlfriend.


Tom and Darcey
This story continues to be drawn out. Tom met with a friend who told him to really just move on and settle down with his new love. Darcey is the past. Meanwhile, Darcey did face masks with her kids who said, "Mom looks like Barbie" and "Where's your Ken?" The shade.

Lisa and Usman
After securing her divorce papers, Lisa caught a glimpse of Usman's phone and a conversation he had with a woman she has previously been monitoring. So, Lisa took photos of his phone with her phone to make sure she had receipts. The two fought, but Usman claimed he was just friendly with this woman, that there was nothing to worry about.

Once she stormed off, Usman decided he needed to go after her. Despite saying she was done with him and his whores, Lisa agreed to forgive Usman and take him for his word.

Avery and Ash
Despite previously saying his ex-wife was fine with him taking Taj, Ash came clean that she had changed her mind. Avery concluded it would be best if Ash didn't move with her to the United States on a permanent basis.

Yolanda and Williams
It's been weeks since the reverse image search revealed Williams used stock photos and Yolanda still couldn't seem to accept she was catfished. So, she reached out to her and he responded and said he was broken and pain after the death of his aunt. She asked for a photo of him, which he then turned around and asked how he could know she was really who she said she was. She sent photos and told him she didn't care who he was or what he looked like, she wanted to see the real him. He didn't send a photo back. Still, she didn't ask about the threats and she said she still wants to meet him.

Ed and Rosemarie
After their fight, Ed returned to the room to try and talk to her only to find out Rose had left. He stood there for a solid minute crying. Now, Ed was preparing to return home, alone. "I failed. Again," he said. "I really thought that Rose was the one. I wanted to believe so badly that it was real. But I was wrong."

Stephanie and Erika
"I just want to forget any of this happened," Erika said after Stephanie apologized. So, will she?

David and Lana
David's wish came true, Lana was real and decided to meet him. So, why now? Why didn't she go before when he was there? "I changed my mind," Lana said.

Lana said she had met men from the site before, but David was different for her. She thought they had a lot in common. "I felt he was my soulmate. Kind of," she said. "For today I like everything in David. Except his leather coat."

"Nothing in the past even matters…This time she's here. It's time to start my life. It's time to start our life together. Let's go back and get her," Davis told producers.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays, 8 p.m. on TLC.