Feel Good Friday: 6 Uplifting Stories to Head Into the Weekend With

From the cutest dog walking offer ever to a new kind of graduation, here are six stories to lift your mood for Feel Good Friday

By Tierney Bricker May 15, 2020 7:00 PMTags
Watch: Senior Refuses to Let Quarantine Ruin Her Graduation--Feel Good Friday

Listen, if Disney and adorable puppies and babies won't lift your mood, what will?!

This week's round-up of Feel Good Friday includes all three of those things, with one teacher teaming up with an artist to bring a little fairy tale magic to her students outside of the classroom and a Chicago boy submitting the cutest resume you'll ever see to walk his neighbor's dog. Plus, one late night show experienced a baby boom this week, with multiple staffers giving birth within the same day. Sounds like a romcom, right?

Plus, one family made sure to stage the best fake graduation for one college senior after her commencement ceremony was canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic (and we're also highlighting other 2020 seniors celebrating their accomplishment in unique ways this weekend!), while a mother-daughter duo found a creative way to spend time together thanks to their shared love of pop music and photography. 

Class of 2020 Seniors Celebrate Graduation

Here are six stories to lift your mood heading into the weekend...

A Father's Love

While he hasn't been able to see his daughter in over two months, a single father has still been showing up to the hospital where she works to support her.

Dad has been holding a sign for Jessica at the hospital where she works as a security guard that reads, "My hero, my pride, Dad misses you," in a photo shared by Feed the Frontlines.

Put Your Knowledge to the Test!

They can show you the world...even from your own home!

A kindergarten teacher and an artist have teamed up to help continue teaching kids in a unique way: making obstacle courses with chalk on their sidewalks using Disney movies, including Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and more. Miss Kissinger comes up with the learning activities, while Nestor Mendoza is responsible for the artwork

Just consider it the happiest block on Earth!

Cover Covers

Photographer Stephanie Girard and her 5-year-old daughter Lola have found a creative way to pass the time amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic: they are recreating iconic album covers, including Lady Gaga's Joanne, which was their first project.

Inspiration struck for the pair when they were just hanging out in the kitchen, Stephanie told NBC LA. "We are a huge music house. We listen to music all the time," Girard shared. "Lola saw an album cover on Alexa and started asking questions about it."

So far, the mother-daughter duo have paid tribute to artists such as Beyonce, Adele Freddie Mercury, Lana Del Rey and more.

Dog Walker For Hire

Can't say we really blame Troy for sending this note after taking a look at Arthur the Floof's Instagram account.

A fourth grade boy in Chicago wrote a note to his neighbors offering to walk their young golden retriever, "after this virus," with the owners sharing the sweet note on the pup's Instagram account.

"I made friends with a small hooman today. He's like basically me-sized," the caption read. "I bet I can get him to give me more treats than my hoomans."

Fingers crossed we get an Arthur and Troy selfie soon!

Fake Graduation, Real Emotions

After Sami Herzog's graduation ceremony from the University of Michigan was canceled, her family came up with a creative way to still celebrate the milestone moment.

Sami's was honored with a "fake graduation," donning her cap and gown as her sister made a speech. After walking the steps to receive a diploma and then getting flowers and a hug from her mom, Allie Marcus.

Filmed at UCLA, Marcus said, "It was so much fun."

For Sami, it meant so much as she admitted, "I thought my graduation day would be me crying in bed all day wishing I was with my friends...it ended up being a really special day with my family."

Three's Company

Talk about a baby boom! James Corden revealed this week that three staffers on The Late Late Show welcomed baby girls within 24 hours.

The show's accounting assistant, an editor and an executive producer all welcomed baby girls into their respective families, with the late night host showing off photos of the new additions.

"What was happening at The Late Late Show nine months ago? What was it that got everyone revved up?" James joked. 

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