Stephen Curry Gives Fans Their Sports Fix While Attempting a Golf Trick Shot

Stephen Curry put his golf skills to the test during his virtual visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, proving that he's just as good as putting as he is at basketball with an impressive trick shot.

By emily belfiore May 15, 2020 4:47 PMTags
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Stephen Curry is giving sports fan the content they need right now.

During his virtual visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, the NBA star proved that his golf skills aren't limited to social media by attempting a trick shot on the air. Before getting himself all set up, Curry told host Jimmy Kimmel that the video he shared of himself doing the same shot on Twitter wasn't as effortless as it appeared.

"That was, I think, the 4th attempt," he explained. "But as you know, with all these shows and in this content situation, I did it in the 4th attempt. I tried to redo it and it took like 100. So, I've got a big spectrum of attempts on that one."

Joking that the Golden State Warriors all-star is at his best under pressure, Kimmel challenged Curry to do the shot again for Jimmy Kimmel Live viewers. Accepting his challenge, he said, "I'm actually dressed in my golf clothes, so I might as well."  

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With his cup set up perfectly in the middle of his foyer, the dad of three positioned himself to hit his golf ball against his closed front door so it would land directly into the target. For his first shot, he swung the ball a little too far to the right. Trying again, the ball still missed the cup. "I'm getting my Tiger [Woods] on," he said as he swung again. "Oh, that was it."

Enthusiastically watching from home as Curry continued trying, Kimmel said, "I gotta tell you right now, I'm so excited because I haven't seen sports in so long and I'm just enjoying watching this."

Finally on his 7th try, Curry sunk the cup. Jumping up and down and cheering, he turned to the camera and exclaimed, "That's it! It's in there! That's it!" Then, he broke out into his victory dance.

Before showing off his putting skills, the Holey Moley star admitted that he has been playing more golf than basketball these days while social distancing. In fact, he just got himself a proper basketball hoop.


"I have some pavers in my driveway and a makeshift basket that I assembled myself right when the quarantined happened, which is kind of crazy," he told Kimmel. "I think, probably, most people assume that NBA players have a court or a hoop or something. I didn't, but now I do. I can get shots up let's put it that way. I can get shots up."

Watch Curry nail his trick shot in the hilarious video above!