Watch Amy Schumer Call Out Pal Seth Meyers for Not Knowing Her Son’s Age

Amy Schumer was quick to point out that Seth Meyers didn't know how old her and husband Chris Fischer's son Gene was during their virtual visit to Late Night. Watch the hilarious moment here.

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Amy Schumer and Seth Meyers go way back—but apparently not that far back. 

On Thursday, the Inside Amy Schumer alum hilariously called out the late night host during her virtual visit to Late Night with Seth Meyers. Joined by her husband Chris Fischer, Amy was about to give her longtime pal an update about her son Gene David when she realized that he didn't know some basic facts about their adorable baby boy

"You're spending time with your beautiful boy Gene, who is 11-months-old," Seth began, followed by Amy, who chimed in, saying, "No, you're—what a bad friend." Unaware that the couple's son had already celebrated his first birthday earlier this month, Seth said, "Did he already turn one?"

Then, the Trainwreck star had some other realizations. "Yeah, you know, we didn't actually get your birthday text or gift, which is weird." Trying to explain where his slip-up came from, Seth joked, "I'm a good friend ‘cause I did watch the first episode of your show and you guys talk at lengths about how he's 11-months-old. I just have never seen a pair of parents who are prouder that their kid is 11-months-old because you mention it a whole lot."

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But, one thing that the Saturday Night Live alum definitely knew was that Amy and Chris had recently changed Gene's middle name from Attell to David because of the inappropriate ring it had to it.

Playing coy on the subject, Amy said, "Oh, we just thought it would be a better name, what do you mean? His middle name, we just thought we'd honor my father…"

Addressing their hilarious mishap, the I Feel Pretty star continued, "Yeah, I mean by accident, we named our son Genital. I mean, look, a lot of people go through this. We realized about a month in and to say I was alarmed was a pretty big understatement. You know, after you have a baby, a month in, you're not vulnerable or anything, so that's a cool time to realize that you named your son after, you know, the section where their penis isn't a vagina. It's great."


As the Amy Schumer Learns to Cook stars recalled their name fail, Amy pointed out that Seth didn't mask his excitement about Gene's original moniker. "I mean, but to fail that hard right out of the gate—I think you texted me a couple times because I think you were really delighted by it," she said, followed by Seth, who mentioned, "And also, like, Fischer—last name Fischer—could be ‘fissure.' Like, both sides of the ‘Attell' did not make it better."

Firing back, Amy joked, "Are you proud of every moment of your life, Seth?"

Watch Amy hilariously call Seth out and recall the moment she realized her and Chris' son needed a new middle name in the video above! 

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