Sarah Jessica Parker Responds to Criticism of This Sex and the City "Tide Pods" Outfit

Carrie Bradshaw's outfits have always spurred debate and Sarah Jessica Parker has weighed in on another one of them.

By Samantha Schnurr May 14, 2020 4:51 PMTags
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Carrie Bradshaw's outfits on Sex and the City have been known to spur a mix of reviews—including this one. 

If you're a fan of the iconic HBO series and use Instagram, you might be familiar with the "Every Outfit on Sex & the City" account, where the account owners are on "a quest to document every outfit on Sex and the City. Paired with playfully critical captions, the account takes a closer look at some of Carrie's seemingly curious and questionable outfit choices. On Wednesday, they honed in on a look from the third season of the show. In the episode, Carrie is cheating on her famed boyfriend, Aidan, with her ex, none other than Mr. Big. Things get all the more awkward when Aidan returns from a trip and tells Carrie he loves her for the first time. 

However, the Instagram account was not so in love with her outfit in that moment.

"THE CHILDLIKE ADULTERESS | Is Carrie's affair with Mr. Big her deepest, darkest secret? Or is it the fact that she bought a pair of shortalls at Limited Too?" their caption read. "We can't imagine why our favorite it-girl would gravitate towards a graphic print that vaguely resembles Tide pods. We also can't begin to understand the thought process behind pairing said shortalls with an exposed bra and strappy rainbow sandals. Scarlet letter or no, this look is the sartorial equivalent of a cry for help. (S3/EP10)."

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Well, Sarah Jessica Parker caught wind of their commentary and weighed in, writing, "I delight in all thoughts, feelings. I will keep mine to myself. Perhaps some quality time with the great and legendary @patriciafield is in order. X."

Patricia Field was the famed costume designer on the show and won multiple awards for her work on the series, including an Emmy. 

"And I recall well every article, head to toe. Including anklet. X," Parker added. 

Fans shared their own witty comments on Bradshaw's ensemble. "Hey considering the weird s--t we're all wearing round our houses these days I can't judge her too much," one person quipped. 

Meanwhile, rest assured it's all in good fun. Back in February, Parker and her shoe brand teamed up with @everyoutfitonsatc on a mismatched pair of sandals in tribute to the beloved character's famous footwear moment with a percentage of proceeds going to charity.