Watch Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Interview Bill Murray While He's Taking a Bubble Bath

Bill Murray joined Jimmy Kimmel from his bathtub during Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live. Watch their hilarious interview unfold here.

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Well, this is a first.

Bill Murray epically joined Jimmy Kimmel from his bathtub during Wednesday's at-home episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Sporting a t-shirt, shorts and a beanie, the Groundhog Day actor enjoyed a soak as he caught up with the late night host. 

"I'm doing pretty well but I'm in that funny moment," he said as he laid back in his tub. "I mean, I don't know if everyone is going through the same moment I'm going through, but I'm drawing my tub now and I'm having a little difficulty because getting the right temperature's always been a problem with me."

Referencing the lack of bubbles in his bubble baths, Murray continued, "And, for the purposes of today, I think it's kind of a celebration because I haven't seen you in a while, and you know, I thought a bubble bath would be appropriate. But you know how it is with bubbles; you can't snap your fingers and make them. They just come when they come. They're not in any hurry."

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Applauding the Lost in Translation star's thinking, Kimmel said, "You know, this is genius really. Because they do say soap and water are the best things to protect you from the virus and you're right in it."

Growing impatient, Murray added a generous helping of bubbles to the tub to speed things up, joking, "That could be the missing vaccine. We don't know."

Waiting for the water in the tub to rise, the duo discussed what they've been watching while practicing social distancing, which for Murray included ESPN's Michael Jordan docuseries The Last Dance.

"It's fun and I've actually seen myself—‘There, I'm in the background. Right there,'" the longtime Chicago Bulls fan said of the documentary. "That was an exciting time to be a Chicago Bulls fan. It's a great thing."


While on the topic of the NBA legend, the Ghostbusters star reminisced about shooting Space Jam with him back in the ‘90s and pointed out that his character didn't receive enough credit.

"I made the movie Space Jam with Michael Jordan and people forget that I got the assist on the game-winning basket, you know, it's so easily forgotten," he said. "I stole the ball, I made the pass. I got nothing. I wasn't even interviewed after."

Before wrapping up, Kimmel asked Murray to answer some fan questions on how to pass the time while social distancing. Hear his hilarious advice in the video above!