See Sylvester Stallone's Heartfelt Message to Nick Cordero Amid His Recovery

Sylvester Stallone send a video message to Broadway star Nick Cordero as he continues to recover in the hospital. Click here to watch!

By Jess Cohen May 14, 2020 12:47 PMTags
Watch: Nick Cordero Wakes Up From Coma Amid Coronavirus Battle

Sylvester Stallone sent a touching message to Nick Cordero.

The Broadway star, who has been in a health battle for weeks following his Coronavirus hospitalization, woke up from a medically-induced coma just days ago. Cordero's wife, Amanda Kloots, shared the news with followers on social media Tuesday.

"Guys we might have to change our hashtag. Nick, dada, is awake!" Kloots shared while holding the couple's son, Elvis.

Though she explained that Cordero is "really, really weak," Kloots also noted, "Everything is looking good finally. It's so hard with this whole thing. You don't want to get yourself too excited because it's been such a road."

She also added, "What a miracle."

On Wednesday night, Kloots took to Instagram to share a message Cordero received from Stallone. In the heartfelt video, Stallone praised Cordero's talent and sent words of encouragement amid his health battle.

"Hello Nick, this is Sylvester Stallone," the actor began. "Obviously we've never met, but I only hear great things about your work and that you're just a born star."

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"Also heard about your tragic situation, and that's something that I can't even fathom," Stallone continued.

"But obviously, you have an incredibly lovely wife and beautiful child," Stallone said. "And I know to have gotten this far as you have gotten, you got what it takes. You have that eye of the tiger, you have that talent, you have that will."

"You have been dealt a horrible hand, a tough one, and it takes a strong strong man and a strong family to override that situation," Stallone told Cordero. "To take it and throw it back into life's face and say, 'Guess what? It's gonna take more than that. I'm the man.' And you are the man, and you're a role model for other people that have to overcome incredible odds."

Stallone concluded his message by telling Cordero, "Keep punching, you're the man."