"F--k No!" Top Chef Contestants Sound Off on a Camping Challenge in All-New Sneak Peek

When Padma Lakshmi invites the chefs to meet her at a wilderness location, the group responds with hilarious dread

By Alyssa Ray May 14, 2020 3:00 PMTags
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A Top Chef camping challenge has sent the contestants into a tizzy.

In this exclusive clip from tonight's all-new Top Chef All Stars L.A., the remaining chefs are told that they'll be heading to camp for their latest challenge.

"Chefs, pack your bags. You're going to summer camp," a note from host Padma Lakshmi reads. "Meet me at Pali Mountain Retreat Center. Drive safe and I'll see you there."

Unsurprisingly, this invite garners quite the reaction from the group. Not only do the chefs groan upon hearing of the excursion, but they sound off on the activity in their respective confessionals.

"Like, the woods?" Stephanie Cmar inquires aloud.

"I want to cook in the city please," Brian Malarkey begs.

Lee Anne Wong is shaken up the most as she recalls the grueling outdoor adventure she faced during Top Chef Colorado. "Last time I went camping with Top Chef was 8,000 feet in a blizzard," she recalls. "Do I want another camping challenge? F--k no!"

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As the group disperses to pack for the challenge, some prepare for an overnight excursion, while others hope for a resort set-up. In fact, Brian says he's packing his swimsuit and tennis racket.

Karen Akunowicz seems the least nervous as she experienced summer camp thanks to her high school cheerleading days.

"If any of the chefs want to get in a pyramid, I'm totally game," she quips. "Here we go Top Chef, here we go!"

Despite the many complaints, the chefs head out ready to be taken to camp.

To see how this outing plays out, be sure to catch tonight's all-new episode!

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