Taylor Swift Surprises a Young Fan Who Wrote a Touching Letter to Her Mailman

Taylor Swift is making a fan's dream come true.

By Pamela Avila May 13, 2020 8:39 PMTags
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Taylor Swift is making a fan's dream come true. 

Emerson Weber, an 11-year-old from Sioux Falls, Dakota recently inspired many with a heartfelt letter she wrote to her local mailman thanking him for his service during the coronavirus pandemic

In an interview with Good Morning America, the fifth grader said: "I love being able to decorate the envelopes. It really shows my creative spirit. Writing letters you can share so much about your self, it's like being there in person, and, I love receiving them, because you know that someone took the time in their day to write back to you." 

According to the letter she wrote to her mailman, Doug, the young fan thanked him for "taking my letters and delivering them. You are very important to me. I make people happy with my letters, but you do too." 

Following her letter of appreciation to Doug, Emerson's father Hugh Weber shared that more letters continued to flood their mailbox

And to their surprise, one of those letters came from the "Love Story" singer. 

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"The past couple days have been beyond our wildest dreams, but today was a fairytale," Emerson's father wrote in a Twitter thread. "I'm not sure I can fully capture what we just experienced, but I'll do my best."

He went on: "This afternoon, we received two packages in the daily mail. One a bundle of letters from postal workers around the country. The other box was oversized and covered in "Please Handle With Care. Thank You." stickers." 

Hugh added that he didn't think too much about the package since they've already been receiving a high volume of letters to begin with. But they were in for a surprise when they opened that specific package. 

"Em pulled back the packing materials to reveal a bubble wrapped gift," Emerson's father writes, sharing a picture of Twitter of the package when they opened it. "On it, we saw a tag that simply said, To Em. From Tay." Talk about breathless." 

He added: "I'll admit. Our brains broke for a minute. We put the gift and the packaging back in the box. And, waited an hour. No joke. Sometmes, you need to calm down." 

After much anticipated, the father-daughter duo finally opened the package to see what the 30-year-old pop singer had sent. Hugh also shared a picture on Twitter of his daughter holding up the floral wrapped present Taylor had sent. 

Hugh shared that the first thing his daughter said while unwrapping the package was that it had the smell of "what happiness smells like."

Inside the package, there was also a hand painted envelope from Taylor. While Hugh chose to keep some of the details of the handwritten letter from Taylor to his daughter private, he did share that Taylor was "touched, honored and happy" to hear about Emerson mentioning Taylor and her music in the letters she was sending out.

But, according to the letter, Taylor found it more important that Emerson "writes letters to people who don't expect a thank you." 

Emerson's father added: "She saw in Emerson's story "an innate sense of empathy, a curiosity about the feelings of strangers, and the drive to try to brighten someone's day."'

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Taylor also wrote of her shared passion for handwriting letters and sent Emerson her favorite writing tools

According to the letter Taylor wrote to Emerson, she told the 11-year-old that she hopes she's "feeling good during isolation & not too lonely," that she should "make sure to find time to create & daydream," and most importantly, "no one expects you to be perfect... you've already set a really cool example and I'm proud of you. :)" 

Emerson was over the moon and delighted with the package one of her favorite artist's sent her and so was fer father. She even shared some of the merch Taylor sent with one of her best friends. 

On Twitter, before concluding his thread, he wrote: "We're a puddle of tears over here. And, it has nothing to do with Taylor's celebrity. It has everything to do with her humanity. Inexplicably, she sees Em. She sees her beauty. She sees her heart. She sees the real her."

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