Heather Morris


It's been about a decade since Heather Morris was targeted in a nude photo leak. 

The 33-year-old actress looked back at that time in an honest Instagram post on Tuesday.

"Okay so over 10 years ago, some...nude photos were leaked of me and many other actresses in the industry," the Glee star wrote. "To say I was MORTIFIED is an understatement; my body was and still is part of my job and I felt like I couldn't even walk around my work place thinking that everyone had seen every single piece of me (a couple of snide comments from co-stars [came] my way which didn't help)." 

The Brittany Pierce celeb then continued to write about the impact, noting how "till this day" she's "VERY sacred" about how she chooses to "display" herself and "definitely" still doesn't "even feel 100 percent comfortable in anything riskay." 

"But, to add no pressure to feeling like I need to be a twig or a certain weigh/shape/size (it's honestly a concept I've come to terms with that my body is beautiful regardless)...recently I began the @barrys 30 day challenge and I just want to say that during this quarantine I feel the best I've ever felt in over a decade," she wrote alongside a photo of herself wearing a bikini. "It's a f**cking challenge and a tough one at that, but I just want to say..let's not anyone feel ashamed of who we are and just go kick some ass when we want to and feel good about ourselves, okay!!? I'm done."

In 2010, nude modeling photos of Morris were posted on the internet. Just a few years later, in 2012, she was targeted again, along with several other actresses, and private photos of the celebrity leaked online.   

After reading her recent post, several fans left heartfelt messages in the comments section. Morris then thanked them for their "kind and supportive words."

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