Matt Damon's Oldest Daughter Has Recovered From Coronavirus

Matt Damon revealed his daughter contracted the virus as a college student in New York City.

By Samantha Schnurr May 13, 2020 1:33 PMTags
Watch: Matt Damon's Eldest Daughter Recovers From COVID-19

Coronavirus is affecting families around the world, including Matt Damon's. 

As the pandemic wages on, the Oscar winner and father of four newly revealed his stepdaughter, Alexia Barroso, contracted the virus and has since recovered. In an interview on Dublin's SPIN 1038 Fully Charged, the actor shared that Alexia goes to college in New York City and had coronavirus "really early on," along with her roommates. Fortunately, the student "got through it fine." 

Meanwhile, Damon has been social distancing in Ireland with his wife, Luciana Barroso, and their three younger daughters. The couple are parents to Isabella, 13, Gia, 11, and Stella, 9, as well as Alexia, who Luciana welcomed with her ex-husband.

As the actor explained in the interview, he had traveled to Ireland with his wife and kids to continue shooting a movie after working in France, but just as they arrived in the country in March, filming was shut down and the country was soon put on lockdown.   

Stars With Coronavirus

While the actor and his family remain in Dalkey, he said they'll reunite with their oldest child at the end of the month. And, luckily for the famous couple, they haven't had the same homeschooling pains as other parents around the world because they already had teachers with them since their children were going to be away from school for eight weeks.

"We feel guilty," he admitted. "We've got this kind of incredible setup in this place." 

In an unexpected twist of fate, Damon starred in the 2011 thriller, Contagion, which has captivated audiences once again in the midst of the real-life pandemic. 

"Anybody who says you couldn't have [predicted] this, just look at Contagion. 10 years ago we made a movie just by talking to experts and asking them, 'Well how would this look and how kind of would it go down?'" he said. "The whole things is—it's tragic and sad. I hope some good can come out of it."

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