You Can Do These Celeb-Beloved Workout Routines From Your Living Room: Here’s How

Borrow a page from stars' wellness playbooks by trying out their favorite workouts from the comfort of your home.

By Sarah Grossbart May 13, 2020 7:00 PMTags
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Let's face it: Stars aren't all that much like the rest of us. 

They have fancier clothes, larger car collections and are more likely to fly private and be friends with Oprah Winfrey. And, unless your home has actual wings to it, your stay-at-home situation probably doesn't look all too much like, say, Chrissy Teigen's.

But there is at least one way you can quarantine like a celeb. 

Celebrities Working From Home During Coronavirus

With gyms closed nationwide and personal trainers keeping a safe distance, stars have had to get just as creative with their workout sessions as the rest of us. 

Ashley Graham put pro Kira Stokes on Facetime so she could log a lower body workout from her mom's place in Nebraska. Molly Sims is doing weighted lunges with champagne bottles and squats with her three kids as barbells. And Tracee Ellis Ross is just continuing to be fabulous. 

The good news: now that everyone from personal trainers to the top instructors at Hollywood's fave boutique studios are taking their expertise virtual anyone with a solid internet connection has access to the exercises stars rely on to stay sculpted. Want to try Selena Gomez's go-to toning moves? No prob. Curious about how Blake Lively is put through her paces? Check it out

We're marking Wellness Wednesday by rounding up enough beloved celeb workouts options to keep you busy through the rest of this social distancing season and beyond—and you can try most of them for free. So scan through our list below, sign online and sweat it out. 

Hot Pilates

Come & Get It. Access to Selena Gomez's preferred workout, that is. As the name suggests, you're meant to bring the heat for this strengthening, toning workout, so switch off the AC and log on to the On the Go version. For $30 a month, you'll gain entree to the practice's slate of classes (including on demand, live and even a celeb-led session or two) ranging from a 10-minute dance cardio burn to a full 40-minute sculpt, plus health and nutrition advice from their favorite gurus. (


You may have to light your own candles, cover the mirrors and crank the heat in your apartment up to the requisite 80 to 90 degrees to mimic the NYC, Chicago and L.A. studios' settings. But the sweat drippin', beat bumpin' flow that's captured the likes of Olivia Wilde and (hello!) Meghan Markle remains the same. The soundtracks (featuring everyone from A Tribe Called Quest to Cardi B are om-amazing as well. Just $16 a month (after a free weeklong trial) to the newly launched Y7 Online gets you access to the entire library with fresh routines added weekly and instructors hosting live stream classes. (


The proof of these bootcamp and yoga fusion workouts are in Jennifer Lopez's abs. And legs. And arms. And rear. Also, Alex Rodriguez's words, the retired professional baseball player, an investor, calling it "the best workout I've ever had in my entire life." While it may be tricky to replicate the studios' heated rooms (may we suggest your backyard?) a $40-a-month online membership gains you access to classes, recipes and mindful meditations. (


Slippery socks or gliders and resistance bands replace the megaformer in the 45-minute Zoom-based SLT@Home version ($20 per class or $90 for five), but the strengthen, lengthen, tone promise that attracts everyone from Sofia Vergara to Karlie Kloss remains the same. Even sans machine, instructors are able to target those slow-twitch muscle fibers through sometimes painfully snaillike fat-burning movements that leave your core, legs and arms just as quivery. Want to try before you buy? Test the half-hour option on Instagram Live. (


Devotees to this nine-week Miami-based high intensity group training program put in the work (the name comes from the 54 days they commit to), so show up to founder Rodrigo Garduño's free hourlong Instagram Live sessions ready to sweat. The former soccer player leads upwards of 30,000 exercisers (including model Adriana Lima) through 40 minutes of pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, lunges, core, planks, squats from his Florida backyard. And with nightclubs closed it may just be the town's hottest attraction. (

305 Fitness

With their seven studios shuttered, the NYC-, Boston- and Washington, D.C.-based brand is taking their party to the Internet. Twice a day—at 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. EST—community members can head over to their YouTube channel to take the signature 55-minute dance cardio class that has stars like Miley Cyrus and Drew Barrymore working it. Or, as their site puts it, "the bread-and-butter ass shaking, beat bumpin' sweat sesh that made us famous." (


No bike, no problem. The OG indoor cycling studio that's attracted the likes of Beyoncé, Lea Michele and Oprah Winfrey to tap it back at their nationwide classes is rolling with the current climate. SiriusXM listeners can tune into SoulCycle's channel for equipment-free, music-fueled hourlong cardio sessions or log on to their Off the Bike program, where instructors host everything from guided meditations to barre fusion to plyometrics from their own Instagram pages every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. A new schedule is released each Monday at noon—i.e. when riders used to clamor for front row spots in their fave class. (


Part calorie-burning sesh, part experiment in ingenuity, the home-based version of the workout Josh Duhamel and Christina El Moussa love (available on the site, app and YouTube channel) replaces weights with household items (think: jars of pasta sauce, potted plants, suitcases) and treadmills, bikes and rowers with good old-fashioned cardio. But the heart rate-elevating, metabolism-revving mission remains the same. After all, the theory part of the brand comes from the science of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption that shows if you challenge your body properly, the calorie burn will continue long after you've put the weights down. (


Make like Molly Sims and Jade Roper and stream this high-intensity, low-impact workout to your living room or backyard. (Child spectators optional.) A $20 monthly subscription (try a two-week trial for free) gives you access to 200-plus videos to sift through that you can sort based on target area (glutes are a popular option), time-commitment and what type of equipment you're able to scrounge up. Though their proprietary tools—key to delivering that sculpting burn—are available for purchase. (


Even pre-quarantine, Kate Beckinsale was hyping founder Lauren Kleban as "a genius" for streaming her L.A.-based fat burning cardio and muscle toning workouts online, allowing the actress to bounce on her mini trampoline from the comfort of her kitchen. "It makes you feel kind of jolly," she recently told Women's Health UK. Find joy with a $20-a-month subscription (try it free for a week) that gives you access to three new 50-minute sessions each week: Boost, their full-body cardio and sculpting class, Hype, which offers the same benefits without the rebounder, and Define, an intense, muscle-elongating mat class. (

Steezy Studio

If ever there were a time to polish your TikTok skills, it's now and this studio is here to help. A $20-a-month subscription gives you access to a variety of on-demand digital dance routines (test your skills at everything from hip hop to krump to jazz funk) designed by the choreographers behind Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez and Justin Timberlake's best moves. You can also try your luck with a seven-day trial before committing to going full video vixen. (

Ballet Beautiful

Neither ballet training nor proximity to the New York City studio is necessary to take part in the workout Natalie Portman used to get Black Swan-ready. (Though, by all means, slip on some leg warmers.) For more than a decade, founder Mary Helen Bowers, a former New York City Ballet dancer, has been offering up digital versions of her mat and toning exercises, barre work and ballet cardio routines via the internet. Miranda Kerr and Hailee Steinfeld jeté for joy over the $40-a-month subscription that affords access to the 300-plus videos that can be mixed and matched to help you meet your goals. (


The secret to Shakira's abs and Kelly Ripa's toned guns is literally at your fingertips. With AKT GO, trainer Anna Kaiser shares her best interval, toning, circuit and dance-based workouts for you to sculpt your entire body whenever, wherever. (Which, right now, is at home, duh.) At the moment, new subscribers can knock $15 off the $35-a-month-fee and you can get a taste of what's on offer by checking out Kaiser's Insta feed. (