Inside Lea Michele's "Incredible" Pregnancy Experience

A source says Lea Michele and husband Zandy Reich are enjoying an "incredible" pregnancy that is free of "distractions," amid the coronavirus

By Cydney Contreras May 12, 2020 1:02 AMTags
Watch: Lea Michele Is Pregnant With Her First Child!

Lea Michele is overcome with Glee after announcing she's expecting her first child with husband Zandy Reich.

A source tells E! News the 33-year-old is having an "incredible time" being pregnant so far and is taking advantage of the current circumstances. "Lea has wanted to take it easy for the first part of her pregnancy," the insider shares. "She has really enjoyed being present and getting to soak in being pregnant without distractions." 

Part of taking it easy also means hitting pause on the "rigorous workouts she was doing in the past," according to the source. Instead, the insider says she is going on "leisurely walks" and spends the rest of her time "relaxing at home." 

Lea is joined in this laid-back approach by husband Zandy, who the source says describes as being "super supportive and there with her every step of the way."

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The two recently celebrated Mother's Day with Lea's own mom, which they commemorated by sharing a photo of the soon-to-be mom and grandmother. Lea captioned the picture, "The best Mother's Day with the best mother in the world. I love you mom."


Aside from the two pictures of her baby bump, Lea has remained tight-lipped about her pregnancy, but that hasn't stopped her friends from gushing over the exciting news. On Instagram, her famous pals like Emma Roberts have revealed they are "crying" and "screaming" over the news. And Naya Rivera stated the obvious when she commented, "Aww congrats! I love this. You're going to be a great mommy."

Indeed, this baby will have two loving and doting parents. Lea previously revealed that she intends to be quite hands-on when it comes to her kids and has many plans for the future, including Halloween costumes. "Oh, then they're going to be like the cutest thing ever," Lea previously joked during an interview with On-Air With Ryan Seacrest. "I feel like sushi is number one on the list—I want my kids to dress up like a lion or a taco—everything cute and adorable I want that for sure."

Let the countdown begin!