90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined: Why Akinyi Isn't in a Rush to Marry Benjamin

Exclusive! 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined catches up with Before the 90 Days stars Benjamin and Akinyi.

By Chris Harnick May 11, 2020 7:20 PMTags

For many, everything has been put on hold because of the coronavirus. Even weddings. Just ask 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days stars Benjamin and Akinyi. The couple, who are still together in a long-distance relationship, documented how their handling the state of the world in TLC's 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined, a new series featuring stars from across the 90 Day franchise taping themselves without the air of producers or crews.

Benjamin is at home with his son in the United States while Akinyi is in Kenya.

"You know, yesterday was the date we had reserved at the church for the wedding," Benjamin says in the exclusive sneak peek above.

"Wait, whose wedding?" Akinyi asks.

"Ours," he corrects her.

Meet the Cast of 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined

"Wait, how come I did not know?" she asks.

"That was the original date that we picked," he tells her.

While the coronavirus has put the brakes on that, Akinyi maintains she did not know they had selected a wedding date. Now they're on for August 29.

"I feel like Benjamin is rushing with the marriage," Akinyi told cameras. "I want to wait the full 90 days to get married because I don't know what kind of life I'm going to have in the United States. I want to learn different things and get comfortable and he's rushing me when I feel like I don't want to be rushed.

The Monday, May 11 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined also features The Family Chantel stars Karen, Thomas, River and Winter, 90 Day Fiancé season one couple Russ and Paola, 90 Day Fiancé season seven couple Michael and Juliana and 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season one subjects Patrick and Myriam.

90 Day Fiancé: Self-Quarantined airs Mondays, 9 p.m. on TLC.