So, How Many Relationships Ended on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days?

Several couples found themselves at crossroads on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.

By Chris Harnick May 11, 2020 1:16 PMTags

So, just how many breakups were there on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days' Sunday, May 10 episode? Three? Two? Will any of them stick?

In Russia, Geoffrey proposed to Varya…and she said no. "This is a great step," she said. "Maybe not now." Varya explained she wasn't ready to leave her life and family and life in Russia behind. She didn't want to say yes and then change her mind down the line because she's not ready to take the step. For Geoffrey that means they're done. On the way to the airport, she pointed out a bar they could go to the next time he visited her. Why would he come back?

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At the airport, he made it clear they were going their separate ways. "I can't believe it is. It couldn't be," Varya said. He thanked her for the adventure and when she came running to him crying in the airport, he rebuffed her pleas.

"I love Varya. It's hard to walk away from…I'm ready to give up on love," he said on the plane.

Stephanie and Erika
After Erika came out to her parents with Stephanie by her side, it was Stephanie's turn to do so over video call with her mom…except she didn't. She told her mom she had a confession to make…only to say it was that she went cage diving with sharks.

The two attended a party with Erika's friends and it went way better than the last time, but once they found themselves alone and talking about the coming out issue, Erika dropped a bombshell: She was in a relationship that was on and off for 10 years and the girl never came out, making Erika feel she was ashamed of her. Side note: Erika just came out to her parents, so she wasn't out then either, according to her.

Stephanie couldn't handle the relationship revelation—she thought they had been totally honest about their pasts before—tossed a bowl and screamed at Erika to get out. She eventually apologized for the bowl toss and said they were over.

Ed and Rosemarie
After Ed revealed to Rosemarie that he didn't want to have any additional children with her (he cited the age difference and her young son), Rosemarie took it really had. "I think you not love me. I'm done," Rose told him. He said he was shocked and didn't expect her to have such an angry reaction. Rose felt he lied to her.

"I fell in love with you on Facebook and I came here with love in my heart. I bought a ring," he told her. But that wasn't enough. Rose explained she felt her son and family would be devastated with the end of the relationship, but she wanted to part and not wasted anymore time. So, she called him a bad person and headed for the airport.

Avery and Ash
Was Avery trying to destroy Ash? Is she heartless? Is he acting childish? These are the questions after the disastrous seminar. Still, they tried to move on and went forward with plans to meet Ash's ex-wife and son. But there was a hitch: Avery wanted to spend the night alone in the hotel. Ash wasn't happy, but honored her request. After the night alone, she realized she still had a lot of love for him. He thought they were done.

Once with his ex-wife, she revealed they only divorced a year ago (but were separated for some time) and that she was still having a hard time digesting a life where her son moved across the world.

David and Lana
Yes, there is a Lana. Read more about that here.

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