Hide Your Rum and Boyfriends Before Mark Consuelos Brings "Sexy Danger" to Katy Keene's Finale

Exclusive: Get a look at Mark Consuelos' appearance on Katy Keene as Hiram Lodge brings trouble to NYC

By Lauren Piester May 11, 2020 4:00 PMTags
Mark Consuelos, Katy Keene The CW

Hiram Lodge is moving on from torturing his own family in Riverdale. 

Mark Consuelos is making an appearance in the finale of Riverdale's spinoff Katy Keene this week, meaning we'll get to find out if Hiram has changed at all over the past five years. We're going to guess that he hasn't, but at least he's still alive after that mysterious illness he's been suffering and that murder he just recently committed. 

You can get a first look at Hiram's trip to Katy Keene in the photo above, and we gotta say he looks good. That fuzzy coat is working for him! We don't know exactly what is in store when Hiram arrives, but executive producer Michael Grassi gave us some hints. 

"There's one more Riverdale crossover before the end of our first season! Everyone's favorite villain, Hiram Lodge, takes a trip from Riverdale to New York City to cause trouble for the Lopez family," he said. "We adore Mark Consuelos, and we think fans will love to see him getting up to old tricks, bringing his brand of sexy danger to Katy Keene." 

Sexy danger, you say? How can we say no to that? 

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In the finale, titled "Come Together," Katy (Lucy Hale) gets help from Gloria (Katherine LaNasa) to make her plans work and it leads to unexpected opportunities. Pepper (Julia Chan) finds a way to make things right with Jorge (Jonny Beauchamp) and Josie (Ashleigh Murray), but she must also try to let go of people in her past. Josie is worried about Alexander (Lucien Laviscount), and Jorge, meanwhile, holds a rally to stop the sale of his parents' building, and he has no idea who he  is going up against. 

Jorge might not know, but based on Grassi's quote and that description, we might have some idea of who might be involved in that sale...

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Katy Keene's season finale airs this Thursday at 8 p.m. on The CW.