YouTube Star Desi Perkins Is Pregnant With Her First Child

YouTube star Desi Perkins shared the exciting news that she's pregnant!

By Alyssa Morin May 10, 2020 9:44 PMTags
Desi PerkinsPresley Ann/Getty Images

It's a party of three! 

Beauty guru and YouTube star Desi Perkins shared the sweet and special news that she's pregnant! This will be her and her husband Steven Perkins' first child together.

The 33-year-old star made the exciting pregnancy announcement on Instagram, with a short video clip of her showing off her growing baby bump. Moreover, her little one is expected to arrive during Libra or Scorpio season!

"PERKINS PRODUCE! Our best harvest yet," she captioned her Instagram post. "Coming October 2020."

Many gushed over the baby news and commented with heartwarming messages.

"Oh my goooooshhhhhh!!!! Congratulations," Christina Milian shared. "Omg congrats gorgeous," fellow YouTube star Gigi Gorgeous replied.

Kathleen Lights wrote, "Sitting here crying in my kitchen cause of @DesiPerkins new post and I just can't contain how emotional I am lmaooo."

Alissa Ashley expressed with a few crying emojis, "I'm so so so happy for @DesiPerkins Pleading face her fertility video/pregnancy announcement made my day she's going to be such an amazing mom."

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Additionally, soon-to-be dad Steven couldn't contain his excitement over his wife's pregnancy.

"As I type this I am bursting with happiness," his Instagram post read, with a few sweet emojis. "We are happy to announce a little Perkins will be joining the family. Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful wife."

Desi's baby news comes a few hours after she posted a video on her fertility journey.

"Our journey has been beyond difficult, but it's also been a blessing—a blessing because we knew that sharing our journey could give anyone here thats struggling with infertility a moment to feel that they're not alone in this," her video description read. "We wanted to provide support and knowledge to whoever needed it. Reading your words through this process have been very endearing, supportive and kind. We could not have asked for better friends."

In her final episode of her fertility journey, she revealed she was expecting her little one.

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Fans of the YouTube star know she has also been honest about her pregnancy journey.

In 2018, she opened up about her first miscarriage in a video that she titled, "Hardest Video I Ever Filmed." She explained that her experience was traumatizing for her and it was something that she felt pressured to share after many of her fans and followers kept asking when she and Steven planned to start a family.

"If you guys are new to my channel, then you might not know that I talked about having a miscarriage years ago…," she said in her video, holding back the tears. "It's been I think four years now since Steven and I had a miscarriage. It was awful."

In the video, she revealed doctors found a tumor that had to be removed, and spent months getting tests done. She also shared that she suffered from depression after her miscarriage and was grateful to have her family and husband's support during that time.

Moreover, she said opening up about her experience helped her immensely.

"I know miscarriages are a very common thing and not a lot of people will talk about it and I talked about it on my channel, it was probably the best thing I did...," she added. "It made me feel less alone. I've been struggling with pregnancy since then and it's been four years."

Now, the Perkins have so much to celebrate with the new addition to their family!