Teachers Share Uplifting Message to Their Students Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

These New Jersey teachers and staff members took some extra steps to let their students know they are missed.

By Samantha Schnurr May 08, 2020 3:30 PMTags
Watch: Teachers Share Uplifting Messages to Students Amid Coronavirus

In these trying times, this school staff has gone the extra mile to make sure their students know they are missed. 

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, teachers and students all over the country have had to adjust to new ways of learning at a social distance. Just days before New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced schools in the state will remain closed for this academic year, staff from a Bridgewater elementary school virtually banded together to spread an uplifting message to their students. 

On April 28, a video was shared on YouTube featuring the principal, teachers and staff members of the Van Holten Primary School. Their "Message to Our Van Holten Huskies" included sweet photo and video messages, some song and dance and plenty of colorful signs and chalk artwork assuring students that they are missed and supported and that this challenging time won't last forever. 

The adorable footage featured not only the teachers and staff members, but also their own children and furry friends as they practice social distancing. 

The video concluded with a final comforting message: "When it rains, look for rainbows. When it's dark, look for stars."

Teachers' Acts of Kindness During Coronavirus

As for how the video came together, Principal George Rauh explained to E! News that a few staff members originally reached out to him about doing something for their students. 

"They reached out, said, You know we're feeling that our students aren't feeling connected to school. We want to try to do something," he recalled. Initially, staff members wanted to drive by houses in their cars, but considering the social distancing protocols that were in place at the time, the idea was changed to making a video and they reached out to fellow staff to collect clips and edit them all together. 

"Our students and community have responded to the video in a very positive fashion," he noted before reading appreciative responses from students and their families. 

"Thank you very much for doing that video. It made my day," one third grade student wrote to him in an email. "I was so happy when I saw it. It seemed so special...I miss you so much. I felt like I was actually with you and the other teachers."

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