See Courteney Cox and Jimmy Kimmel’s Delicious Surprise for Mother-Daughter Nurses

Courteney Cox and Jimmy Kimmel pulled off an epic surprise for nurses Uchenna and Ona, a mother-daughter duo that traveled from Arkansas to New York City to help save lives amid the pandemic.

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Could this be any more amazing?

During Thursday's at-home episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Courteney Cox and Jimmy Kimmel teamed up to pull off an epic surprise for healthcare workers Uchenna and Ona, who have been working tirelessly on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. Together, the stars celebrated the mother-daughter nurses after learning that they had traveled from Arkansas to help save lives in New York.

"Well, I initially thought, ‘You know, why not come to New York and help others?'" Ona recalled. "I noticed that the staff was pretty much overwhelmed out here so I thought, ‘Let's come to New York and help.'"

Upon their arrival, the young nurse shared that the New York staffers were thrilled to have the extra help. "Everyone was so happy," she said. "Everyone opened up to us with open arms. Everybody welcomed us here. I mean, from the staff. I mean, people were coming up to us like, ‘Thank you for coming to help us. We needed the help.'" Uchenna chimed in, "My hospital staff embraced me. I mean, New York has been wonderful."

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Thankfully, the duo can report that things have changed significantly since they first arrived in on the East Coast. "I think things are definitely getting better. Compared to when I first came, we had high admissions," Ona said of her and her mom's 12-hour shifts. "The patient ratio were a bit much. I work in the ICU, so I would get maybe seven to eight incubated patients and then now we're starting to get back to the lower admission rates, so I'm getting about two to three patients. It's gotten a lot better."  

Showing his gratitude for Uchenna and Ona's sacrifices and hard work, the late night host arranged for the Friends star to surprise the mother-daughter duo with some generous gifts. "We know you're busy saving lives but we also heard that you had never experienced New York pizza, is that right?" she asked the pair. Then, Jimmy revealed that he ordered 100 pizzas from F&F pizzeria in Brooklyn to treat Uchenna, Ona and the entire nursing staff.

But, that wasn't the only surprise that Jimmy had up his sleeve. "Now, on the pizza you will see, in pepperoni, we've written ‘10K,'" he continued. "That's because our friends at Mary Kay wanted to thank you for your work and your courage, so they're giving you each $10,000 to spend however you like and they're also sending Mary Kay skincare gift boxes and hand sanitizers to the other hardworking nurses there with you."

Fighting back tears, Uchenna and Ona thanked Jimmy and Courteney and couldn't wait to dig into their pizza. Before signing off, Uchenna couldn't help but make a Friends reference. "Thank you, Monica!" she exclaimed. 

Watch Courteney and Jimmy's delicious surprise in the heartwarming video above!