Watch Matthew McConaughey, Lea Michele & More Celebs' Moms Sweet Mother's Day Messages for Them

Karamo Brown, Matthew McConaughey, Lea Michele and more stars were surprised by this sweet message from their mamas!

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Watch: Mother's Day 2020: Jojo Siwa, Lea Michele & Karamo's Moms

Happy Mother's Day weekend!

Today, we're all about telling our moms how much they mean to us and showering them with their favorite gifts.

However, today is also a day that mothers shower their children back with the love, including some of our favorite stars' mamas!

E! News exclusively caught up with some of our favorite celebs' moms, who shared sweet messages about their adorable moments of their kids growing up and their faith in their talents and dreams.

While we usually get to know celebrities after their big break, their moms always knew them as their hardworking kids, and some of the mothers we talked to discussed the moment when they realized their kiddos had officially made it!

"There wasn't a moment where I realized you had really made it," Lea Michele's mom Edith Sarfati shared. "But I knew you would make it when you told me there was no plan B."

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Charmine Grant, whose son is none other than Queer Eye's Karamo Brown, expressed that she knew he had broken through when people "in restaurants and the grocery store and just walking in places" called out his name.

"His name is not an easy thing to say," Grant said. "And they said, 'Karamo!' I was astonished. And it made me feel so proud. Then, I realized he really, really made it."

Dove Cameron's mother Bonnie Wallace gushed how she knew her daughter had accomplished her dreams when, "She won the Emmy."

"Up until that point, I had always believed in her but there was this little question like, well, you know, of course you think she's talented, she's your kid...But then the industry recognized her, her peers recognized her."

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And Marriann Hough has not one but two famous kiddos, with her son and daughter Derek and Julianne Hough stealing the show when they were on Dancing with the Stars.

"Every day, I think they really have made it," Marriann shared. "Because they wake up every day ready and willing and happy and grateful to be alive and be enthusiastic and that's what's inspiring to me."

The celebs' moms also shared cute moments from raising their children.

Matthew McConaughey's mom Kay bragged that, "He was always fun to be around. He was an easy, easy son to raise. Pleasant personality, fun to be around, he had lots of friends...We had a special bond."

Other stars were just as much of performers as a kid as they are now, too.

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"Untouchable" songstress Jana Kramer loved to put on a show, as her mom Nora Kramer shared in a cute story about the singer.

"When she was about 12 years old and she was babysitting her little cousins across the street," Kramer started. "And she decided that they were going to get together and do a couple videos. One of them was a music video...I mean, they got the prom dresses out, they got the Halloween costumes, they dressed up and just had a blast and we still have those videos today."

"And we still as a family sit down and watch them and just crack up," she added. "Sorry Jana!"

Jessalynn Siwa also shared how proud she was of daughter Jojo Siwa, expressing she's loved, "Watching her go from rehearsals to opening night to selling out some of the world's biggest arenas and really just having the time of her life and loving every single day."

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Finally, the parents also shared some of the advice with us that they shared with their kids.

"The other thing I would tell her, time and time again, was to never let anyone steal that special light inside her," Jana Kramer's mom shared.

"Never stop trying," Karamo Brown's mother added.

"When somebody tells you who you are, believe them," Lea Michele's mama advised before hilariously adding, "The best advice I gave [Lea] as a parent was when you see crazy coming, cross the street."

To see more of the sweet messages from stars' mothers to them, check out the video below, where you can also learn what cute nicknames they had for their kids, and how much they knew their kids were destined for stardom.