Married to Medicine L.A. Sneak Peek: Will Dr. Imani Walker & Jazmin Johnson Make Amends?

Dr. Imani Walker Jazmin Johnson on Married to Medicine Los Angeles

By Allison Crist May 08, 2020 3:00 PMTags
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Friends or foes?

In this exclusive clip of Sunday's all-new Married to Medicine Los Angeles, Jazmin Johnson and Dr. Imani Walker appear to make amends after the latter opens up about her trust issues. 

However, as the two sit down to have a conversation at Jazmin's cocktail party, the other women aren't necessarily as eager to rid themselves of any drama. Dr. Britten Cole and Quad Webb are going back and forth about something one of them sees as a dig, and the other as a misunderstanding.

Either way, Dr. Contessa Metcalfe seems over it all.

"Quad, I don't even know you're talking," she says in a confessional. "This isn't even your party."

Away from the group, Dr. Imani tells Jazmin she doesn't have a problem with her. 

"You're just so hard," Jazmin responds. "Why?"

Dr. Imani jokes that it's because she's from New York before revealing the deeper reason.

"There are things about me that you don't know and I think—how do I say this—I have been betrayed by the closest people to me," she says. "My dad abandoned me and my mom."

The Bravo show then flashes back to a conversation Dr. Imani was having with her mother, who can be seen saying, "The first man who you ever loved said to you, 'I will always love you,' and then where'd he go?"

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Dr. Imani continues to open up to Jazmin, explaining that any time something goes wrong for her, she can "drop somebody in a moment because that's what her dad did to her.

"No, I get it," Jazmin says. "But I'm the wrong one to be on guard with."

Dr. Heavenly Kimes approaches the two, chiming in by telling Dr. Imani that she's "very strong" and can be intimidating.

"Not to me, but probably to people like her," she adds lightheartedly as the other women make their way over as well. 

Jazmin ignores Dr. Britten's insistence that the comment was rude, instead making an effort to forge a friendship with Dr. Imani. 

"I think that we should start to get to know each other, taking baby steps," she says. "I think that it will be fun because I think that you're gonna really love me and you're just scared that you're gonna love me so much!"

"Here's the thing, I love you anyway!" Dr. Imani says.

Watch the entire exchange in the above clip!

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