Watch Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick Hilariously Reenact a "Dumb Couple Fight"

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick had themselves a "dumb couple fight" during their virtual visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, and it was every part hilarious as it was relatable. See it here.

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Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick's "dumb couple fight" was way too relatable.

During Wednesday's at-home episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the longtime loves came together for a new segment called "Dumb Couple Fight" and reenacted a real couple's "quarantine fight" over sharing cookies and crème ice cream, which came from one of the late night show's staffers.

"You know, couples have been cooped up for almost two months now and inevitably that leads to some pretty dumb fights," host Jimmy Kimmel said before Kevin and Kyra took the virtual stage. "So, we thought, ‘Wouldn't it be fun to see those dumb. Fights reenacted by real Hollywood stars?'"

Joining in from their home, The Woodsman stars performed the scene "I Scream" from their table. Kicking things off, the Footloose star entered the frame holding two bowls of ice cream, serving one to his excited wife. "There you go, Benjamin," he said. "Ice cream for me. Ice cream for you." Assuming that he had dug into his pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream and not her pint of cookies and crème, Kyra asked, "How's the mint chocolate chip?"

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Kevin replied, "Not sure. I'm having cookies and crème," which launched the The Closer alum into a rage. "You're having cookies and crème too?" Kyra pressed, adding, "Well, you know how much I love cookies and crème."

Not understanding the problem, Kevin said, "Yeah, we've been together 8½ years, so yeah, I know how much you like cookies and crème." Still upset, Kyra reminded the A Few Good Men star that he had his own pint in the freezer. Becoming angrier, Kevin reminded her that she didn't have to eat the mint chocolate chip ice cream, which didn't sit well with Kyra.

"Unless we run out of cookies and crème because someone, who likes mint chocolate chip, is eating cookies and crème instead," she argued, to which Kevin replied shortly, "Well, maybe someone didn't want to open up a whole new pint." 

After accusing him of hogging all the ice cream, Kevin fired back, "Well maybe someone should do their own shopping next time," and hurled the ice cream from his bowl into Kyra's. "You want cookies and crème? Here. Here's your cookies and crème. There you go." And their fight ended in tears. 

Earlier in the episode, the couple walked Jimmy through their "corona rules" and joked that they've never spent this much time together during their 32-year marriage.

"We often talk about how, you know, our crazy lives and we live out of suitcases and that's really what makes the marriage great," Kevin said.

As for their social distancing rules, Kyra stressed that slippers and pants should be worn at all time and told Jimmy a hilarious story why they must make their bed every morning. Watch the video above to hear how Kevin and Kyra are faring during the pandemic!