Pregnant Katy Perry Shows Off Her Baby Bump and Dishes Quarantine Relationship Details

Katy Perry is tackling pregnancy and a relationship in quarantine.

By Samantha Schnurr May 06, 2020 6:52 PMTags
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Katy Perry has a baby on board and a fiancé by her side. 

While the world is hunkered down amid the coronavirus pandemic, the songstress is facing pregnancy while also adapting to a new normal. It was just three months ago that the performer revealed she and future husband Orlando Bloom are expecting their first child together. But, shortly after the big news—and accompanying new single—Bloom and Perry retreated to their home like many worldwide as the virus halted daily life, including their upcoming nuptials. 

"She postponed the wedding and no other dates are being discussed. She is resting at home and taking one day at a time," a source told E! News in mid-March. "At this point, she isn't thinking about the wedding and when it will happen."

The source added, "She is just slowing down and trying to enjoy her pregnancy. She is relieved that she made it home [from Australia] and is feeling good." Perry's spirits seemed to be up as she took to Instagram Live this week with fellow songstress Cyn.

Katy Perry's Pregnancy Style

During the chat, the star showed her growing baby bump, which was very visible when Perry turned to the side. 

"She's coming in," the performer said of her baby girl. "She's giving me the middle finger and she's definitely starting to chatter."

The star also touched on isolating with her future husband, noting that you can't hide who you are while in quarantine. 

"If you love me during quarantine, you can love me any other time," she quipped. 

At one point, Cyn asked the songstress, "Do you think, 'What will I write about?'" now that she has found her love and is going to have a child. In response, Perry said that just because you find your partner doesn't mean there won't be problems or friction to write about. 

"You're gonna always be working on yourself and your relationship...Your partner is your mirror. I don't know about you, but sometimes if you get me in front of one of those magnifying mirrors like at a hotel, and all the sudden I see my pores and like my whiskers...I won't leave the hotel room—I'll be late for something by 30 minutes because Ill be like, I cannot believe I'm seeing all of these things I never saw that I might need to take care of," she explained. "Don't put a magnifying mirror that close to my face, but that's what your partner is."

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