Watch James Corden's Extra Special Surprise for Show Staffer Whose Wedding Was Postponed

This future husband and wife just got an unforgettable surprise from the show the groom works on.

By Samantha Schnurr May 06, 2020 2:57 PMTags
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While their wedding was unfortunately postponed, this future husband and wife got some unforgettable surprises to tide them over until their special day. 

On The Late Late Show Tuesday night, host James Corden had something special up his sleeve—for one of his own colleagues. As he explained, the show's script coordinator, Joe, was supposed to have gotten married this past weekend. However, as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and stay-at-home orders, the event was postponed. However, unbeknownst to Joe, he and his fiancée were about to become the focus of the show's next segment. 

After Corden asked Joe if he could get his future wife, Isabelle, to join him on camera while they were both in their California apartment, the two listened as the surprises unfolded. Considering they're baseball fans, with Joe rooting for the New York Yankees and Isabelle on the side of their rival team, the Boston Red Sox, it was quite fitting when players J.D. Martinez and Giancarlo Stanton appeared with their own video messages for the couple. 

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"Isabelle, I also heard that you're marrying a Yankees fan and I'm sorry about that," Martinez said in his clip. "I know that can't be easy on you, but you know what—if you can get through this, Isabelle, you guys and this marriage can get through anything."

Stanton also didn't miss the chance to tease Joe about his life partner. "Joe, I know you're a Yankees fan, man. That means you're smart, so if you're half as smart at picking a spouse as you are a team to support, then I'm sure you're in good hands with Isabelle—except you missed her biggest red flag, man, and that's that Red Sox flag that she's got," Stanton quipped. "Hopefully it's collecting dust in y'alls garage somewhere where it needs to be. Just iron that out and you'll be smooth sailing from there."

The surprises didn't end there. In addition to the well wishes from the players, the owners of the Boston Red Sox gifted the couple two tickets to sit in the owner's box the next time the Yankees play at Fenway Park. 

As for the grand finale, Corden as the couple to head outside their apartment building for one more surprise. While they were meant to be on their honeymoon right now along the Amalfi Coast, the host helped bring a little bit of Italy to their front door with an Italian dinner, complete with a wedding cake, champagne and a man playing an accordion—six feet away and wearing a mask, of course. 

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