Here's What Went Down When Amber Portwood Introduced Her Boyfriend to Daughter Leah on Teen Mom

Amber Portwood is finally with boyfriend Dimitri after doing long-distance for the past few months, but will Gary Shirley and Leah approve?

By Cydney Contreras May 06, 2020 2:27 AMTags
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After months of long-distance dating, Amber Portwood has finally met her new beau Dimitri.

On Tuesday night's episode of Teen Mom O.G., the 29-year-old picked up her new beau from the airport, along with her ex Gary Shirley, who accompanied her, which made for quite the introduction. To make matters worse, Gary gifted the couple condoms with his face on them and the saying, "It's Gary Time," plastered across the wrapper.

Despite the awkward encounter, Gary assured Amber and Dimitri that he approved of their relationship by telling them they "look so cute together." 

However, it's unclear if Dimitri understood what Gary said as communication proved to be a problem area for him when he met Amber's daughter, Leah

As fans of Amber know, Dimitri is from Belgium and is not a fluent English speaker. He's able to speak on a basic-level, but when he met Leah, Gary and the rest of their blended family for a pizza night, he struggled to pick-up on much of what they said. At one point, the 11-year-old typed in a question on a translator app to speak to Dimitri. 

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And he later admitted in the privacy of Amber's rental, "I don't understand, you speak fast."

Language barriers aside, Dimitri was able to get a better sense of Amber's relationship with both Gary and Leah. He told Amber that he thinks Gary's a "good guy" and he likes that he "protects" her. As for her daughter, the Belgium-native thinks "she's very funny." 

Now that the hard part is over, Dimitri said he's "comfortable" with everything even if it's been a "big change."

This is good news for Gary, who worried that Dimitri wouldn't be able to "accept" that Amber has to put her daughter first. "Leah seemed to have a good time last night. I think she liked to feel included in the conversation. I think she wants so much for this relationship that she has with her mom to continue; she doesn't want to feel second," he told his wife Kristina

But only time will tell whether Amber is able to put Leah first, as Dimitri still has three months left in the United States. 

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