Marni Yang Breaks Her Silence in New 20/20 About Murder of Shaun Gayle's Girlfriend Rhoni Reuter

Exclusive: Marni Yang sits down with 20/20 for her first national TV interview about the murder of Rhoni Reuter.

By Chris Harnick May 06, 2020 12:00 PMTags

Marni Yang is breaking her silence.

Nearly a decade after the murder of Rhoni Reuter, the pregnant girlfriend of Chicago Bears defensive back Shaun Gayle, E! News has learned Yang, who was convicted of the murder, is opening up to Juju Chang for 20/20.

This is the first TV interview with Yang who received a double life sentence for the murder of Reuter.

In the interview, ABC says Yang opens up about her claims of false confession and says she was wrongfully convicted. Look for yang to also open up about "what she says was the motivation behind her false confession as well as her current petition for a new trial."

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The two-hour program also features the first national network interview with Yang's children, Andrew, Emily and Brandon. Expect them to discuss the "the terror they felt as police searched their home, questioned them and allegedly coerced them into making false statements, an allegation the prosecution denies," ABC said in a release.

According to ABC, Yang's team sees new evidence that questions if the right person is in prison.

Additional interviews include Jed Stone, Yang's current attorney and forensic reconstruction experts who believe in Yang's innocence.

See the exclusive preview of episode, dubbed "Murder and Scandal in Chicagoland," in the trailer above. The preview includes a recap of the crime and teases the new interviews from 20/20.

Chang's interview with Yang airs in 20/20 on Friday, May 8 at 9 p.m. on ABC. Chang is anchor of ABC's Nightline. David Muir and Amy Robach are the 20/20 anchor team. David Sloan is senior executive producer on the ABC News series.