The Flash's Candice Patton on What's Next For Barry & Iris While She's Still Stuck in the Mirror

Candice Patton teases the next episode of The Flash and what's ahead for Iris and Barry, now that everybody knows she's trapped in the mirrorverse.

By Lauren Piester May 05, 2020 7:14 PMTags
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Things are looking up for WestAllen on The Flash, at least compared to where they were at the start of last week's episode.

As of the end of last week's episode, Barry has finally learned for sure that Iris was not Iris, and now that fake Iris is dead while the real Iris is trapped in a mirror dimension, Candice Patton tells us that the whole team is about to go into "overdrive" to save her. 

"And also on Iris' side, she's got to figure out herself how to get out, because now Eva's not in there with her, and she'll find out in the next episode that Camilla's there, Singh is there, and she's gonna have to do everything she can to get out," Patton says, and it better happen sooner rather than later. 

"She's already experiencing the neural dissonance, so we'll see in the next episode if it gets to be just too much." 

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The big, unexpected problem that Iris is potentially facing is that she might not get out before what has now become the end of the season, since production had to shut down due to the pandemic. Patton couldn't spoil when exactly we'll see Iris and Barry reunited, but here's what she could say: 

"It's so hard to answer these questions because we obviously weren't expecting the season to end so soon. So I don't want to give away anything revolving around when we find out when Iris gets out of the mirrorverse, so it'll be interesting. I don't even know how they plan to kind of prematurely wrap up the season. I have no idea how they make that work, but I really hope they can figure out some kind of way to satisfy the fans given this unexpected turn of events." 

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Patton says there will be some kind of satisfying ending, but obviously not the one anyone might be hoping for. 

"Every one of our episodes kind of has this button of satisfaction at the end for the post part, but really, if I'm being honest, none of us planned for this," she says. "We planned for a full 22 episode season, and so it had been written for the finale to end then, so I don't think there's any real way to have full satisfaction with the premature ending, but you know, we all just have to do the best we can. I'm really hoping that we can, at some point, go back and finish it to give the fans the intended finale that they deserve, but it's also weird, you know. We're just all trying to do the best with what we can." 

Regardless of when we'll see Iris get out, it feels pretty safe to say it will happen eventually, and then there will certainly be some work to do.

"It'll be interesting to see" the effect this experience has on her," Patton says. "Will she be resentful to Barry and the team for not figuring it out sooner? Will she be traumatized from being locked up in this weird dimension for so long? Not to mention just like the effects of neural dissonance which Eva had explained to her numerous times. I don't know. It will be interesting to see if there is residual trauma that she carries with her outside of the mirrorverse." 

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And while she can't speak for Grant Gustin or for Barry himself, Patton would imagine Barry's not doing so great either. 

"I would assume there's some level of guilt of not acting on it sooner or figuring it out sooner," she says. "Like anyone in life, you feel guilty when you watch your loved one go through something and you wrack your brain like, should I have known sooner? So it will be interesting for him too to see what kind of residual trauma he has, knowing that he's spent all of these weeks and months with this fake Iris, like she said, sleeping in his bed, making pancakes. All that stuff, it's just weird." 

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The good news is that Patton isn't all that worried about the couple getting past this speedbump. 

"I mean, just knowing the way Barry and Iris are the past six seasons, I would say no," she said when we asked if it would be too hard to get over it "They've been through so much, so i don't see why they can't get through this. And I don't think she can hold Barry accountable for being with a person he assumes is his wife. I don't think she can blame him for that." 

In tonight's episode, Patton says we'll see Iris meet up with Camilla and Singh in the mirrorverse, and everybody will be doing their best to get out of this mess, though there are a few new messes in the way, as usual. 

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The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.