Jax Taylor Confronts Kristen Doute Over Sex Tape Rumors & Things Get Explosive!

On tonight's all-new Vanderpump Rules, Jax Taylor finds himself in a feud with Kristen Doute & others!

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Jax Taylor, Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval, Kristen DouteTommy Garcia/Bravo

What's going on with Jax Taylor?

On tonight's all-new Vanderpump Rules, Lisa Vanderpump's longtime employee found himself lashing out at his close (and some not so close) friends. Despite his recent transformation into a doting husband and mature man, it seemed that the old Jax emerged while taping this recent episode.

Viewers first got a sense that something was up with the Bravolebrity when he tried to get on-off friend Tom Sandoval to talk crap about his relationship with Ariana Madix. As Jax told Sandoval that Ariana has "been a bitch many, many times," the TomTom co-owner responded by essentially telling his pal to think before he speaks.

"I feel like when Jax gets bored, he just picks something or somebody to just focus all of his attention and anger on, just so he can feel important or better about himself," Sandoval noted in a confessional.

Later on, Jax sounded off to Scheana Shay about their friends "not being honest." For starters, he felt Kristen Doute was lying about her "relationship s--t" with ex Brian Carter (more on that later). However, as Scheana defended that Kristen's been "very transparent" with her issues, Jax pivoted his attack onto Tom and Ariana.

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According to Jax's accusation, "miserable Ariana" was using her depression to get her way. Understandably, Scheana quickly shut down the name calling, declaring it "rude." If only that was where Jax stopped, he continued by attacking TomTom manager Max Boyens' beach clean-up day.

Speaking of the beach day, Max revealed that Jax sent him a series of rage texts about the charitable activity. Per the screenshots provided by Bravo, Jax texted the following to Max: "I don't think you understand we'll be driving for four hours," "This is dumb and pointless," "You have to cancel this dumb idea," "Nobody cares," etc.

Although Jax's wife Brittany Cartwright intervened and urged him to stop, it only made matters worse as he retaliated by uninviting Max to his upcoming pool party. He also uninvited Sandoval, whom he accused of "talking s--t."

At Kristen's James Mae pop-up, Jax attempted to make amends by apologizing to Max and Sandoval.

"First of all, I want to say I'm sorry for yesterday. That was not my intention, I am the first one to apologize when I do something wrong and I was absolutely out of line," Jax stated. "It's starting to show, but I've been hiding it for a month, I'm going through some mental problems."

Jax went on to tell Max and Sandoval that he's been feeling "angry all of the time." Thankfully, Max and Sandoval accepted Jax's apology.

However, not long after Jax's mea culpa, his destructive anger reared its ugly head once more. This time, the target was Kristen for her ongoing relationship drama. And no, it wasn't about Kristen once again sleeping with Carter—even though she did.

"You know the other day at your house, I was asking, I'm like, 'Kristen, have you hooked up with anybody?' And you were like, 'Well, this guy's sending me some sexual emojis,'" Jax asked a confused Kristen. "But then, I find out that you hooked up with this guy and there's a video and Carter saw it."

"No, the video's from four years ago and Carter knows that," she retorted.


As Jax pushed Kristen to swear on "all of your friendships" that the video was from years ago, the Witches of WeHo entrepreneur snapped that it was none of his business. Even though Kristen doubled down on her stance, she admitted in a confessional that she was, in fact, lying.

"Of course, I'm lying to Jax! Jax has the biggest mouth ever," she told the Pump Rules camera. "It is none of anyone's f--king business, except for mine and the guy who's in the video."

Unfortunately for Kristen, Jax claimed his wife Brittany confirmed the gossip. "She told me I'm not supposed to know that," he added.

"I haven't said a word, Kristen! He heard this from other people," Brittany quickly defended. "He keeps asking me and I won't tell him s--t."

In typical Jax fashion, he took this drama and brought it to the rest of the group. Since most of the gang was out of the loop—including Brett Caprioni, Tom Schwartz and Charli BurnettLala Kent shared that there was allegedly a video of Kristen giving oral sex to a new suitor.

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Understandably, since her friends were openly talking about her sex life at her work event, Kristen demanded that Jax take the drama elsewhere.

"She's such a f--king liar! For somebody who loves to talk about the truth, she sure lies about everything," Jax exploded. "Liar! She lives in her own delusional world."

At home, a tearful Brittany confronted her husband about his ongoing anger issues. Specifically, she was worried that Jax was going back to his old ways.

"I have super highs and I have super lows. I smoke a lot and then I get hungry then I gain 20 pounds. And now I'm like, 'S--t! I've got to lose weight.' So, I take f--king Adderall," the SUR bartender said in defense of his erratic behavior.

Is there something more going on with Jax? For that answer, be sure to catch next week's all-new episode.

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