Iskra Lawrence Gets Real About the "Challenging" Times of Motherhood

Model Iskra Lawrence opens up about motherhood less than three weeks after giving birth. Find out why it's been such a "challenging" postpartum.

By Mike Vulpo May 05, 2020 5:16 PMTags
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Iskra Lawrence is ready to give a real look inside the world of motherhood.

Less than three weeks after welcoming her first child into the world, the model is opening up to her followers about her experience thus far.

In a candid post, Iskra shared a photo of what she looked like two weeks postpartum and nine months pregnant. But ultimately, there's much more than what meets the eye.

"I'm prefacing this post by saying I could not be happier or more grateful and I'm highly aware that I'm super lucky to be able to conceive naturally and that myself and baby are healthy," she wrote on Instagram. "But I really want to share all the realness of my journey since becoming a momma because these two weeks have felt like the most challenging of my life. I never imagined how much my wonderful tiny human struggling with colic would affect me and all of the postpartum changes." 

While the Aerie role model said she felt prepared for pregnancy and newborns, "nothing could have gotten me ready emotional and mentally to see the love of our lives screaming, bright red, whole body tense and seemingly in discomfort for hours a day and not getting enough sleep."

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Through it all, Iskra is grateful for "the most patient incredible daddy" Philip Payne for all of his support.

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As for the photos she chose to post, Iskra wanted to give her followers an honest look at her "current reality." 

"Maybe 1 shampoo a week, still living in my adult diapers (because yes you bleed for weeks after birth) sleep deprivation, leaky nips + hormonal acne. I've managed 3 workouts because I needed it mentally and physically but I've barely managed to respond to any work emails and I've let down friends who have wanted to FaceTime and meet our baby and I can barely look at my phone most of the time or text back," she wrote. "When I have posted insta stories it's when I have some energy or feel able too so that kinda feeds into the highlight reel of social media - where nothing is what it seems and if I only posted smiley perfect pictures that would not be real."

Ultimately, Iskra continues to count her blessings as she asks for colic advice. She also is confident that better days are ahead.

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"Baby A.M.P is our dream come true and we know it's going to get easier with time," she wrote. "I hope by sharing my struggles and being vulnerable some of you going through it feel less alone and know it's ok to not be ok."

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