Batwoman Is Going Clubbing and Needs an Outfit in Sneak Peek

Exclusive: Kate's in need of an outfit for an undercover mission at a club, and there's just one woman for the job.

By Lauren Piester May 03, 2020 4:00 PMTags

When Batwoman's got to go undercover in a club, she knows just who to call. 

Mary (Nicole Kang) gets her time to shine in this Sunday's episode, when Kate (Ruby Rose) enlists her help in finding the perfect clubwear. She and Luke (Camrus Johnson) and Julia (Christina Wolfe) are headed undercover to acquire a journal that once belonged to Lucius Fox, and of course that journal is located at a hip nightclub where, if you ask Mary, Kate's usual attire won't cut it. And neither will her usual attitude. 

"So these are all the finalists because they deliver on the [sizzling sound] and bat gadget concelment, 'cuz we wanna hide the goods, but not hide the goods, ya feel me?" 

Kate's not into it.

"OK, the goal is to blend in." 

"Yeah, but at this place, standing out is blending in. Lookout is the hottest club in Gotham—no offense to your bar, it's more of a lounge," Mary explains. "And fortunately, your bat boots are both functional and on trend!" 

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Mary's already got her own outfit picked out, but unfortunately it doesn't sound like she'll get to wear it because as Kate says, it's too dangerous for her to come along.

"Dangerous?" Mary says. "I've been poisoned, stabbed, and nearly exsanguinated, and the fact that I have lived to use that word as a verb is proof that I can look out for myself!" 

But Kate's already got backup in the form of Julia Pennyworth, who's "literally trained for this," and so all of this is nothing personal. But it's clear Mary doesn't see it that way, and it doesn't seem likely she's going to listen. 

Elsewhere in tonight's episode, Kate will reunite with an old flame as Sophie gets closer to a co-worker, while Alice continues developing her devious plans at Arkham and gets an unexpected visit from Jacob Kane, who needs her help. 

Batwoman airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on The CW.