Watch Schitt's Creek Star Noah Reid's Beautiful "Hold On" Music Video

Exclusive! See the new music video for Noah Reid's song "Hold On," shot on 8 mm film.

By Chris Harnick May 01, 2020 1:00 PMTags
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Noah Reid is following up his time on Schitt's Creek with Gemini, a new album—and E! News has your first look at his new music video for "Hold On," the first single off the album.

"The video for ‘Hold On' had to be done fast and had to be done carefully. I had other songs that were ahead of it in the singles line-up, but once it was clear the effect COVID-19 was having on the entire world, it felt like this was the song that would resonate the most," Reid said. "I wanted the video to represent the feeling of being isolated and unsure of how things would work out, and also the feeling of joy and celebration when you're on the other side of the challenges you've been facing."

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"It feels to me like the personal connections I have are the things keeping me going, and I wanted to make something that reflected that," he continued.

Reid's costar in the video is his partner Clare. Kit Weyman directed the video. See the video below.

"I had seen a couple of photos of a house that two of my oldest friends have been renovating, and the stripped back, bare bones, fully gutted space seemed like a great metaphor for the place we're all in right now. So, I called on another old friend, director Kit Weyman, and we talked through the concept for the video. I also had to convince my real-life partner Clare to come be in it as my scene partner. This song was written when we had first moved in together in Toronto and I immediately left for LA to shoot a TV show, so it was familiar territory for us," Reid explained.

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The video was shot in one day with Weyman serving as the one-man crew, shooting on 8mm film from a safe distance. "I love the dreamlike quality of it," Reid said. "Hopefully we can all hold on and look back on this strange time in the way that you wake up and try remember the strange and beautiful details of a dream."

Reid is coming off the final season of the Emmy-nominated Schitt's Creek. He played Patrick Brewer, love interest and business owner of David Rose (Dan Levy), since season three. In the season four episode, "Open Mic," Reid put his musical prowess on display with a cover of Tina Turner's "The Best." Series star and co-creator Levy told E! News letting Reid take a stab at the song and making it his own contributed to the success of the show.

"When Annie [Murphy] asked if she could write ‘A Little Bit Alexis,' we said, yes. It's why I asked Noah [Reid], ‘Do you want to take a stab at interpreting "The Best"? Or do you want us to bring someone in?' I think it's so important to trust and put value in your actors. And I think that has paid off as a whole in such magical ways," Levy said.

Gemini, Reid's second studio album, produced by Matthew Barber, is scheduled for release on May 29, 2020.