Love Is Blind's Kelly Chase Reveals the Secret Behind Her Weight Loss Transformation

Reality TV star and health coach Kelly Chase is looking back on her struggle with weight loss and body image. See the inspiring before and after photos.

By McKenna Aiello Apr 30, 2020 9:02 PMTags
Kelly Chase, InstagramInstagram/Kelly Chase

Love Is Blind star Kelly Chase is revealing the blood, sweat and tears that went into her epic physical transformation. 

The health and wellness expert took to Instagram with an inspiring look back at her own weight loss journey, writing, "The days I Googled 'how to lose weight' are long gone. True transparency, I became a Certified Health Coach and THEN I battled an emotional and grueling weight and body image struggle."

Kelly, 33, said her struggles finally ended when she realized that "everything is connected, and when there is an imbalance (STRESS) in your relationships, career, exercise [and] sexuality, then there is an imbalance in your nutrition health too." 

It's certainly easier said than done, but the reality TV personality explained that "as soon as I began applying these principles, I grew the most intimate relationship with myself; and thus, everything began to change, improve."

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"Fear no longer exists," Kelly added. "Opportunities come to me with ease. Confidence is my best friend. Sometimes she needs a little talking to, but for the most part, she stands strong in vulnerability and resilience!"

Kelly continued her reflection in the post's comment section, saying that she's gained so much more than a number on the scale. 

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"For me, my mindset was not in a good place when I was heavier," she wrote. "So although physically there is a transformation, there was also a great deal of inner transformation happening and that's what I was sharing in my message that as I started to dive deeper into my career, relationships, etc., that's when my mindset began to shift and my love grew for the self."

Kelly was one of 12 singles who participated in the wildly popular Netflix series in hopes of meeting their forever person. Unfortunately, for Kelly, who got engaged to Kenny Barnes after forging a relationship without ever having seen each other, their love story did not work out. 

In the Love Is Blind finale, Kelly left Kenny at the altar.

During the cast reunion, the two made amends and Kenny revealed he's in a relationship with someone new.