Jojo Siwa Shuts Down Haters Who Say She Acts Too "Childish" for Her Age

Jojo Siwa responds to the critics who claim she acts too "childish" for her age in a new and empowering TikTok video

By Cydney Contreras Apr 30, 2020 8:16 PMTags

Don't judge a book by its cover!

At first glance, Jojo Siwa may look "childish" but the 16-year-old is more than just the sparkly bows and colorful outfits she wears. That being said, the YouTube star isn't always dressed up in bright and dramatic ensembles, more often than not she's styled like any other teen her age.

She's started to show her TikTok followers her more casual ensembles, in which she ditches the outrageous bows and lets her blonde locks flow. But her change in appearance doesn't mean she's any different from the person her fans love and know. "Recently I've shown myself looking different... not the classic rainbow sparkles and side ponytail with a JoJo bow... I've been hated on for years for dressing 'young' and acting 'childish','" she writes in a new TikTok video."People think this is me 'changing.'"

However, JoJo assures this is not the case. She announces, "LOL Nope! I love who I am! This is just me at night or in the morning!"

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"i have a PSA! 'if you yell at me i'm gonna cry'... but if you hate on me i'm gonna laugh hahah! thank u for the good times! love u!" the teen captions the video. 


i have a PSA! “if you yell at me i’m gonna cry”..... but if you hate on me i’m gonna laugh hahah! thank u for the good times! love u!

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Followers of the YouTube star got her message loud and clear. One user commented, "I don't know [why] people would have a problem with [you], you seem very nice and definitely very happy."

Others encouraged the star to not be discouraged and stay true to herself, bows and all.

While some may think it's "childish," her persona has helped to make her a star in the YouTube community. During an appearance on E!'s In the Room, the 16-year-old revealed she's sold more than 80 million bows from her eponymous collection. "It's crazy! And they're like, collectibles," she shared. "People have to have them, it's wild."

Watch Jojo's empowering message in the video above and check out her episode of In The Room here.