See Anthony Anderson’s Hilarious Kangaroo Jack Reunion With Jerry O’Connell

Anthony Anderson and Jerry O’Connell had a surprise Kangaroo Jack reunion during the Black-ish star’s virtual visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live.

By emily belfiore Apr 30, 2020 1:26 PMTags
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Greetings from the land down under!

On Wednesday, Anthony Anderson and Jerry O'Connell had a surprise Kangaroo Jack reunion during the Black-ish star's virtual visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live.

As Anthony and host Jimmy Kimmel were catching up, the late night host asked if there were casts from the movie's he's been in that he'd want to reunite with. After listing classic films like The Departed and Me, Myself & Irene, he reminisced over the 2003 comedy. And before he knew it, Jerry appeared on the screen.

"What's up, Jerry O?" Anthony exclaimed when he saw the Billions star, who was donning a red bandana over his mouth and channeling his character from the film. "Ant, I love you, baby!" he replied.

Acknowledging his attire, Jerry continued, "This is my COVID look. This is my COVID couture look. I did have to come to the end of my driveway. My dopey children will not get off that TikTok even though I am on JKL reuniting with my man Anthony from the best movie he ever made, KJ."

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Seeing the lush greenery that the dad of two was surrounded by, Anthony quipped, "I have a question. How much did [producer] Jerry Bruckheimer pay you if that is the end of your driveway? Because I didn't get paid like that."

Jerry wasn't the only surprise that Jimmy had in store for the Barbershop star. The former co-stars were also joined by the star of the film, Kevin the Kangaroo himself—sort of. Surprised to see the CGI kangaroo again, who was still sporting his red hoodie and shades just like he did in the movie, Anthony and Jerry couldn't contain their excitement.

"Jackie Legs, what's up, man?" Anthony said, followed by Jerry's concerned question, "Why haven't you called us?" Remembering how things ended in the film, Anthony joked, "Hey, where's my money?" Reminiscing, Jerry chimed in, "That kangaroo used to come out and party with us. I don't know what happened, man."

Still feeling nostalgic, the Grown-ish star revealed that he had kept a sweet memento from the film and showed off his plush Kangaroo Jack doll, which sang "Rapper's Delight" by The Sugarhill Gang.

Watch Anthony and Jerry's Kangaroo Jack reunion in the hilarious video above!